Our digital landscape is changing day after day. And here are some urgent burning questions along with their answers.

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1) Why is Technology Addiction or Digital Addiction a problem at all? Can’t I have my hobby or interest?

2) What are the types of technology addiction?

3) What are the signs of addiction?

4) What are the various behavioral disorders technology addictions can lead to?

5) Why are we addicted to our devices?

5) How does digital addiction impact academic productivity?

6) How does cyberloafing impact productivity at work?

7) Digital addiction also leads to dysfunctional relationships. Can you throw light on that too?

8) How to counter distraction addictions by predicting, mitigating and eliminating them? 


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The Digital Literacy Project: Disrupting humanity’s technology addiction habits one truth at a time.

Truth About Technology


Going out for dinner, calling your mom or going to a party used to be about talking to people, about conversation. But during the last ten years something has shifted. Instead of talking about the food, we post a picture of it online; instead of calling our mother, we send her an email updating her on our lives; and at the party we’re busy showing other people YouTube clips and messaging with friends at a bar instead of talking to other people there. In short, face-to-face conversation is nowhere to be found.

~ Reclaiming Conversation by Sherry Turkle


Find Out All The Signs Of Technology Addiction

Find Out All The Signs Of Technology Addiction

* Signs Of Something Terrible:   Around the house, and around you, there can be unmistakable signs of tech addiction. You have no interest in what's happening around you. You're lying to yourself about how much you use your phone. The first obvious sign is that...

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