Let’s Define Wellbeing:


As humans, we’re driven by this singular goal. What do you want in life? Ask anyone and surely most times it will be a “I just want to be happy!”

So, let’s see how our happiness is determined by how we feel about ourselves on a daily basis. How satisfied are we about the state of our life? Do we experience a sense of pleasant emotions daily? How’s our ability to not get overwhelmed by the nature of our environment – mostly that is out of our control?



Anchor and Acrobat:



Pick two feelings that they most would like to feel. Their response is usually about happiness and confidence. Think of a symbol that represents those feelings. Remind your child to think of a symbol when they need more strength, calmness or confidence. Think Gratitude and being thankful, and it will fill you up instantly. Subtract everything you care about from your life and you will understand what I mean.


Acrobat (Flexible Thinking):

How open-minded are we to other perspectives? Being able to think flexibly includes investigating our thoughts. I frequently suggest that youngsters keep an awareness notebook to help them analyze their thoughts. Questions like “What is my thought?” and “How does it make me feel?” can be explored.

Regarding grades, I do well and feel content, assured, and proud. A flexible mentality enables them to reconsider the ideas that are motivating them and to develop fresh insights. “Mistakes are a chance to learn. I’ll make it my mission to raise my grade.”



How Do You Keep Preserve Happiness?


So how can we preserve a keen sense of wellbeing on a daily basis? First, to take a stock of our personal wellbeing, we can start by asking ourselves how we feel in three aspects of our life.

a. Our sense of autonomy and purpose
b. Our understanding of our strengths
c. Our connectedness to others

Try to understand the answers to all these above aspects and you will find yourself working on the things that matter the most. When that happens consistently, happiness stays with you.




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