Child Care Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful: 


Being a parent or caregiver can be an incredibly rewarding role, but there’s no denying that it isn’t an easy one. According to a new poll by the Pew Research Center, about four in ten parents (41%) in the US say parenting is tiring, while 29% say it is stressful all or most of the time. The stress and exhaustion can also vary based on the age of the children, with a majority of the parents (57%) with children in the youngest age group (under 5 years) agreeing that being a parent is always or mostly tiring [1].

But regardless of how long you’ve been caring for your kids, high levels of stress can take a toll on your health and wellness if left unchecked. As such, here are four of the essentials that parents and caregivers can use to take better care of themselves and be more equipped to take on family responsibilities.



1. Home Gym Equipment: 


When you’re too busy with day-to-day parenting tasks, squeezing in some time for a proper workout can be tricky. Verywell Fit thus recommends setting up exercise equipment for your home gym to make incorporating movement into your daily life easier. You can start with basic but extensible and portable equipment like the adjustable Reebok Weight Bench with a dumbbell set, so you don’t have to worry too much about storage space. Meanwhile, multi-station exercise machines like the Body Craft Family Express may be a huge investment, but they help get the rest of the family involved in the fitness journey [2].



2. Ergonomic Furniture: 


Many parents have started working from home or have dedicated home offices to balance their work and family life. However, there’s a risk of chronic back and neck pain from sitting in front of the desk for too long. In this light, Pain Free Working emphasizes using ergonomic chairs that encourage the proper posture and position for equally comfortable and productive work days. The Herman Miller Embody Chair supports natural spine alignment and proper weight distribution with its dynamic matrix of pixels and mesh backrest. For those looking for an affordable option, the Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair provides full lumbar support throughout long work hours [3]. Of course, you can also extend ergonomics to the rest of your home by investing in living room couches and chairs with reclining features.






3. Memory Foam Mattress: 


Parenting can be physically and mentally draining, so you simply cannot sacrifice quality sleep and rest. Memory foam mattresses can help you in this regard, as they are designed to provide optimal comfort and support following your spinal alignment, pressure points, and specific sleeping position. The manufacturer Purple makes memory foam and hybrid mattresses for both kids and adults, ensuring everyone in the family gets a good night’s sleep. Just make sure your bed of choice is age-appropriate in terms of weight, size, and material!



4. Juicer: 


Your diet is as much a significant factor in your personal wellness as sleep and exercise are. To add a wider variety of fiber, vitamins, and minerals to your meals and snacks, consider owning a juicer for fruits and vegetables. Real Simple has a guide that can help you choose the type of juicer that meets your kitchen and budget needs. Quality centrifugal juicers like the Breville Juice Fountain Cold are usually affordable and work best for hard fruits and vegetables like pears, apples, and carrots. While masticating and triturating juicers come at a higher cost, they often come with additional features that allow you to make not just healthy juices but also kid-friendly nut butters, sorbets, and even pasta [4].

On top of the must-haves we’ve listed that can benefit you and your family’s holistic wellness, it’s also essential to teach children about how to take care of their own health and well-being. Our previous post on How to Help Your Kids Develop A Daily Self-Care Routine thus covers everything from healthy eating and sleeping habits to mentally nurturing practices like daily affirmations. For more resources on family development and essential life skills, check out the rest of the content posted here on the FutureSTRONG Academy website.





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