YDDO – You Don’t Die Once

A Poem On Redemption


Unless you’re a mid-lifer like me,
This poem ain’t gonna hold your attention.


Now let’s begin.
Yes, it is possible.

Yes, I said it’s possible to press reset
Many times over.


Seek your truth every new day
As you bathe in the golden hour.

Can’t rip up the newspapers,
But surely can pause those notifications.


Don’t tell yourself one more time,
That you love your office desk.

Who are you kidding,
You’re only here to fire your previous self.


Stop rooting for that cause,
And change the color of the ribbon on your car.

Who knew some crazy mother f*cker,
Will become trigger happy seeing your child.


You traded the slaughter for a plant,
And now Bose* says even they have feelings.

Sadly, you must still reach for the pear,
Instead of the pringle.


Board that flight to see the old man’s body,
Forgive yourself for not being there early.

At least now, look for that friend’s number,
And please don’t swipe a million times to the left.


Wash that shirt off the floor,
Throw away that dirty straw mat.

Subtract what you got, plus don’t click to buy,
Find out what truly matters.


Walk away, enough. She picked up and crashed
The red hibiscus that reminds you of your mom.

Ignore the unforgiveable and the vain,
Believe in karma to rule its reign.


You can still day dream for the unthinkable,
And leave the mundane to sort itself out.

In a way,
Every new idea can be help redeem.


Your body count will increase,
But you will find someone new in the mirror.

Yes, do it. Reset. Life’s a game changer,
You don’t die just once.




* Bose: This refers to the book, The Nervous Mechanism of Plants By Jagadish Chandra Bose




Originally composed on: 04/11/2023 9:30pm


* * *

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