Not Just A Hobby: 


You’re passionate about gaming and don’t want it to be just a hobby. You’re dreaming of creating your own video game and launching a career in the gaming industry. You’re not alone — millions of gamers around the world are in the same boat!

Here’s the good news: Your gaming fascination could be the key to forging a successful career. FutureSTRONG Academy discusses some practical tips and insights for making a thriving career out of your passion for video games:



Researching the Different Tools That Can Help: 


There are many tools to help you succeed in video game development, and learning about them should be one of the first steps you take. Study the various game engines, design tools, coding languages, and other technologies that can help you design and develop video games efficiently and successfully. Familiarizing yourself with these tools can save you time, reduce project costs, and help you meet the requirements for a job in the industry.

For example, there are many benefits of 3D design software. It’s essential to find a solution with rich features that enable you to easily create high-quality textures and materials. Look for a tool that offers robust customization options and allows you to make unique assets to suit your exact specifications.

Some programs provide pre-made assets, so you don’t have to create everything from scratch, which can prove helpful if you don’t have unlimited time and resources! Picking the right program ultimately comes down to deciding which features and tools are most important when creating high-quality video game experiences.



Determining the Skills and Education You Need : 


You can’t build a successful career in the gaming industry without the appropriate skill set and education. Developing a video game requires a combination of various skills, including (but not limited to):


  • Programming
  • Game design
  • Storytelling
  • Graphic design
  • User interface
  • Quality assurance


It’s essential to either obtain formal education or training in these fields. Or you can build relevant skills and knowledge through self-study and online learning.



The Benefits of Starting Your Own Video Game-Related Business: 


Perhaps you want to create a unique game that existing companies are not currently offering. Or maybe you’re having trouble finding a suitable job in the industry. Starting your own business might be the ideal path. Owning a business gives you more control over the direction of the company (and your career), a higher earning potential, and flexibility in your schedule, among many other perks.



How To Start and Manage Your Business Effectively: 


If you choose to start a gaming company, you must identify your business objectives, develop a business plan, and obtain seed funding. A sound business plan will outline your target audience, industry market trends, competitors, and revenue streams. You also need to hire the right team, create effective partnerships, ensure proper marketing information, and remain up-to-date with new developments to manage your business effectively.

Further, make sure you select the appropriate legal structure for your business. An LLC will allow you tax flexibility and give you limited liability protection, among other benefits. Keep in mind that each state has rules around LLCs, so learn about those before getting too deep into the formation process.



Other Video Game-Related Careers: 


The gaming industry offers many other career options besides video game development. Some of them include:


  • eSports management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer service
  • Event planning
  • Information technology (IT)


If you have an interest in gaming but coding and game design are not your strongest suit, you can still forge a fulfilling career in the industry by exploring other avenues. Broaden your perspective and believe in yourself!



Wrapping Up: 


Turning your passion for video games into a successful career will require time and hard work. Prepare to invest in yourself and sharpen your skills to start off in a stronger position. Remember to research 3D design software and other technologies, consider starting your own business, and follow the other tips above.

Understand that the competition in the gaming industry can be fierce, and you may face rejections, delays, and other curveballs. Staying resilient and persistent will help you reach your goals and build the career of your dreams! Moreover, instead of looking it as just a hobby you can’t shake, why not turn it into a great paying vocation!




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