Withdrawal From Chaos:


One of my nieces has gone on a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. She gave herself that “gift” to get away from the noise of the external world. And I am celebrating this, even if it means, I won’t get a chance to wish her on her birthday and she is completely out of pocket for everyone including her parents.

It’s another thing we have to shell out $1500 for 4 days of meditation in some retreats here in the US, but think about it. Being silent/still for a few moments a day costs us nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, silence can be violent, especially the silence of neglect and revenge. But this silence I am asking you to adopt in your life is different.



The Idea Around Silence:


From the past 16 years since 2007, since the advent of the smart phone en masse, we have seen an explosion of external stimulation. It comes as streaming services on our TVs, smart phone pings and breaking news alerts on our tablets. More than ever before, we are constantly striving to seek civility in chaos.

I ask you to celebrate silence not because I am disenchanted with chiming into modern life. I do not underestimate the importance of the quality of our closed relationships. Don’t withdraw from others, just from the busyness associated with the social context. Give others the benefit of meeting your authentic self.

Where you were willing to walk a mile in their shoes earlier, now you will be creating a lifeline of deep gratitude. A willingness to say that they made a difference. You will start socializing to accommodate and adapt.

Read more HERE.

Silence will also give you a chance to crush that inner critic. It will give you a chance to forgive yourself for all you could have done, and give gratitude to how far you have come. Read more HERE.



Taking Cues From Nature:


Meditation in its noun form means true nature. Contemplation is the art of remembering who we truly are. Reflection leads to contemplation which guides us to meditation.

There are two primary reasons to adopt pockets of silence every day. At best, to feel a deep sense of gratitude for everything we have. And at a minimum, to reflect on the meaning and purpose of our life.

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Say No To Tech Domination:


Being on(line) means – we must add value, always be available, be current and also flawless. While we perfect ourselves, we must also capture our journey on a public stage. We must belong in the world, in the big scheme of life. We must somehow matter.

And what more validation to that sentiment than a cell phone in our hands which seems to be in our control – after all, it sleeps only when you say so, doesn’t it?

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What Is Meditation And What It Is Not:


Want to transcend the plight of life, meditate. Read more HERE.

Start with baby steps. Learn how to meditate HERE.



The Path Of Least Resistance: 


Turmoil from inside will try to disturb our inner calm, its ok, just stay with it. Let these thoughts keep passing and you observe them.

Your body, your surroundings, and your life is telling you something. Listen. Be OK with Being rather than Doing.

If you think about it, it is a path of least resistance. There is no call for action here. The idea is to “simply be“. Here and now.

There is no desires to be filled through material objects. It is to understand that our happiness like all other emotions is fleeting, and is not attached to anything outside of us. We were meant to be naturally blissful. We’re simply peeling back all the layers of life to rediscover it within us. After all, our racing, noisy and chattering mind can only be heard in silence. Isn’t that true?


Lion’s Breath –  A Type Of Pranayama: 


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On How To Meditate.


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