The Yogic Guide To Goal Setting: 


Kalpana and Vikalpa are two words that are derived from the word Kalpa that means imaginative creation. Vikalpa refers to our imagination or fantasy. It is daydreaming, or thinking of things that don’t exist.

Another word that’s derived from the same root Kalpa is Sankalpa which means to set a good intention. San means “to become one with” and kalpa means “time” and “subconscious mind.” It is taking a resolve to do something.

Why have Sankalpa? So, our attention doesn’t get diffused chasing things that don’t matter. So we don’t get confused and disullioned with our priorities (Vikalpa)

When our attention gets diluted, we don’t put full force behind our end goals. From Vikalpa, we must lead ourselves to Sankalpa. Here’s a yogic’s guide to do that.




What Is The Actual Goal?




Before embarking on any project, ask yourself:

1. What is that I want?
2. How am I measuring success / end result.
3. What do I need to stop doing in order to stay focused?
4. What are the competing priorities and how can I address them?


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The Ultimate Guide To Personal And Professional Goal Setting


And How To Do It Well

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