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Medicare Options For Mental Health:


More seniors now are increasingly willing to seek mental health care, but new research shows that more than 60% do not know for certain that Medicare provides mental health care coverage.

As a Medicare patient resource center (Note: we do not sell or provide healthcare plans), a part of our mission is to help our senior citizens who are suffering from mental health issues learn about the benefits and coverage that are readily available to them through their Medicare plan. As I’m sure you already know, Medicare can be very confusing, making it challenging to know what is covered vs. what is not.

Our new comprehensive guide aims to help Medicare recipients identify the different types of outpatient and inpatient services that are covered, eligibility, and most importantly how to get help paying for services and medications.



Inpatient And Outpatient Care:


Medicare for mental health includes inpatient and outpatient care. Medicare also covers prescription medications, but you must have a Medicare prescription drug plan (PDP) or a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes drug coverage.

You can find the guide HERE.



Detailed Outpatient Medicare Services:


Medicare for mental health includes outpatient services that you receive outside of an inpatient setting, such as a clinic, doctor’s office, community mental health center, residential treatment facility, or outpatient hospital department.

Common services include individual and group counseling, depression screening, medication management, and treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.

You can find the guide HERE.



Inpatient Mental Health Medicare Services: 


Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) covers inpatient mental health care services you get in either a general hospital or a psychiatric hospital that only cares for people with mental health conditions. The main reason you may be hospitalized with a mental health concern is to help you be properly diagnosed, treated, and stabilized so you can safely return to your community.

You can find the guide HERE.



What If You Can’t Afford Coverage:


If you can’t afford your mental health care services or medications, there are resources at the federal and state level to help. The programs discussed below require you to demonstrate low income and resources that prevent you from being able to afford the care and coverage you need. Contact each program to see if you qualify and what you need to do to apply.

You can find the guide HERE.



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