Don’t Ask Closed Questions:


Here are a few questions that require no elaboration. These kind of questions are called Closed questions. Closed questions are usually easy to answer as the choice of answer is typically a yes or no. And we all know that powerful questions don’t just elicit yes or no.

• Are you feeling better today?
• Do you need to use the bathroom?
• Have you already completed your assignment?
• Is that your final answer?
• Do you need help with that?



Instead Ask Open Questions:


Life around us is changing at an Exponential speed. Children in grade school now are going to do jobs that have not been invented yet.

Leaving children to ponder over questions is also a great way to increase their curiosity and engagement. Even for inculcating problem solving, we can ask children open-ended questions.

• What’s the problem?
• What would happen if ..?
• Would it be safe to do this?
• Would it be fair?
• How would everyone feel?

Asking Why questions can make them become judgmental about things, so they can be avoided.




Your Problem Is Not Knowing Your Problem



Here’s A Great Sample Question:


What will you become when you grow up?
What problems do you plan to solve.

These kind of questions don’t answer their own life’s questions, they help children discover their own answers.



When #$%$%^#$ Hits The Fan:

When hit with uncertainty, our brain jumps into action to navigate the way out of any situation. So, by asking open ended questions, we help children learn creative problem solving. We help them engage their own mind to ta take on new challenges and develop the much needed self-efficacy to thrive.

At FutureSTRONG Academy, our lesson plans include activities which promote Divergent Thinking. We ask a lot of “What If” Questions, and do activities that encourage Brainstorming + Ideation to arrive at alternative solutions to the same issues.

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