Homework Does Have To Be A Chore:


As parents, we want our children to be successful and responsible human beings, and we recognize that we must do our part to help them along that path. One area that can be trying for many is getting kids to do their homework. School children are bombarded with distractions after they get home from school, but there are plenty of ways to help them stay on track, and to make learning more interesting.

Here, FutureSTRONG Academy offers a few ideas parents can incorporate into homework time to end the constant struggle.



Be Consistent: 


Consistency is the key to getting homework done in a timely manner. Whether children are required to get busy the minute they walk in the door or allowed to wait until after the evening meal, things will progress much smoother if it happens at the same time every day.

Parents recommends a dedicated space that encourages children to seamlessly move into their routine. A dark corner in the bedroom might be no more productive than a spot in front of the television. Find an area without too many distractions and close enough that you can lend a hand as needed. Ensure there is a comfortable chair, adequate lighting, a working computer or tablet, comfortable earphones and all the tools your child needs to do their work.

Finding that dedicated space can be tricky. Homeowners may want to look into renovating a spare room to turn it into an office or study space, which can have the added benefit of increasing your home’s value. Apartment dwellers may be more limited by what they can do in their available space. If you find yourself limited by your current apartment, look into the area for more spacious apartments to meet your needs. You could certainly use the extra space!



Time-Management Apps: 


It is never too early for kids to learn how to manage their time; this skill will serve them in college and throughout life. Help your child find smartphone and tablet apps to help manage their time. They will be a lot more likely to tackle the job of doing homework if they know they have a finite amount of time to finish it, and they are responsible for controlling that time.

Time Timer is a customizable timer app that encourages kids to work efficiently while remaining on task. iPrompts helps neurodivergent children learn structure, time management, and motivation. And the Milk is a task-organizing app that helps teens stay on top of everything that demands their attention. 30/30 is a free iOS app that helps students who find themselves losing hours to online distractions. It provides a structured balance between homework time and free time and helps parents to enforce limited break times.

Remember to factor in break times and provide a snack or two to help students keep their energy up. If you or the kids need a visual to stay on track, you can add a whiteboard to the workspace. It’s an easy way to know the homework schedule with a glance.




Teen Doing His Homework



Online Tutorials And Videos: 


If there’s something to learn, there is almost certainly a video tutorial online waiting to explain it. Khan Academy offers personalized learning so that students can master subjects at their own pace. Lessons fill in the gaps in understanding to help accelerate learning.

The CK-12 Foundation began as a learning reinforcement for mathematics. It has now expanded to include science, social studies, English, and photography. Education World notes it offers all sorts of learning tools, like quizzes, audio learning, interactive options, and videos.

If your child struggles in math, but is interested in robotics, coding, or chess, then check out the courses at Future Strong Academy. Not only will your child learn these exciting subjects, they will learn the math fundamentals that support each one.



Get A Pet: 


Yes, you read that right. The dog or cat your child has been begging you for since they were a toddler may actually help them to do better in school. Evening Standard reports a study of 1,000 pet-owning children where 79% felt that their pet had a positive impact on their homework and school performance. Why? Pets have been shown to reduce anxiety levels in their owners, which could definitely include kids who are stressed out over homework.

Another reason why pets can help kids succeed is that owning a pet encourages kids to be responsible. Have your child be responsible for feeding your pet, and provide them with healthy grain-free kibble. This could be the ticket for easy feeding time for the kids and food that will make your dog happy and healthy. And you’ll be happy when you find that they offer delivery options, too!

Then, get the family involved in neighborhood dog walking in the evenings. Not only will this time give your family an opportunity to catch up, but being in nature has been shown to reduce anxiety levels. Make sure you have a great harness to keep your pup safe and you – or your child – in control during these walks. And if your hound is a hound-inni, then read reviews to find vet-approved escape free options.



Set Your Child Up to Succeed… at Homework! 


Battles over homework aren’t fun for anybody. You can help your kid get into a groove with a dedicated space, schedule, and some handy learning tools. And don’t be afraid to outsource some support through online tutorials. With a little work and some practical strategies, the homework struggle will be behind you both, once and for all!




FutureSTRONG Academy believes that every child has potential. They just want to be told so by loving and caring adults. Call 678.310.5025.

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