Understanding Information And Knowledge:


Knowledge is becoming cheaper and less important. In the near future, nobody will hire us because of what we know. We will be hired for our abilities to think, create and solve problems with what we know.

So, in this digital age of information overload, there is a greater need to teach our children how to process information and how to make sense of it.



3 Ways We Acquire Knowledge: 


Generally, we assume information is knowledge. Here are ways we understand the world around us.

1. Direct perception: We use our 5 senses to understand the color, form, sound, taste and smell of objects. All other information is based on perception.

2. Inference:
Direct perception + logic to know -> intellect.
For example, if the roads are wet, we infer that it must have rained this morning.

3. Verbal testimony:
Direct perception and authority of written and spoken word
Books, tv, news, teachers, medium.



How To Organize Knowledge?


Remember the acronym CODE.

Type A: Divergence:
1. Capture
2. Organize

Type B: Convergence:
3. Distill
4. Express

~ The Second Brain By Michael D. Gershon



Degrees And Certifications Be Gone:


According to research of the World Economic Forum in 2016, 65 percent of students who start primary school will eventually work in jobs that don’t even exist yet. The most in-demand professions or specialties “do not exist in many industries and nations, and the speed of change is poised to increase.”

Work in the future won’t depend on degrees and certificates. It will center more and more on skills and how you perform when rubber meets the road. And no institution — not Harvard, not General Assembly, not Udacity — can ever protect us from the unpredictable nature of technology advancement and upheaval.

Too frequently, degrees are still seen to be permanent indicators of professional competence. They frequently perpetuate the delusion that work — and the knowledge it necessitates — is static, leading to a false sense of security. It isn’t.

So, our journey towards our future starts with this. No matter how we gather information, we must always ask ourselves if these sources are keeping us well informed and objective? We must question the perceived truth that these sources to understand the true essence of what is happening in reality.


* * *


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