Who Is A Coach? 


Coaches are given the prospect to exercise and discover issues in a cooperative, tailored, and nuanced way. You learn to adapt to new responsibilities and challenges through coaches. In every game, the role of a coach is to ensure they instill proper skills that will lead to a goal. But how can coaches and mentors induce leadership skills in young adolescent adults?

FutureSTRONG Academy has a few ideas to consider.



How Do You Become The Best Leader? 


Practice the skills that you learn every day. Work on ridding yourself of negative self-talk and practicing being uncomfortable. Doing so will help you overcome obstacles in the future, both in your personal and professional life. You can then teach these strategies to others.


  • Management Study Guide notes that the role of a leader is to give guidance, supervision, and track to the people following them.
  • A great coach is well accredited. Get coaching certification.
  • A great leader should be able to influence others positively.
  • Ideal leader embraces learning as one of the primary tools to succeed in leadership.
  • A good leader is strategic.


Becoming the best leader will be easier if you create a positive space for yourself. This may include replacing negative energy with positive, starting at home. Take a few minutes to declutter, clean, and organize your living space, then carry that over to your work area, whether that’s in your home or at the office.

Coaching and mentorship allow you to practice these skills in more diverse ways. A coach can help you adjust to your new role by providing the necessary skills. A coach should draw the confidence in you to tackle the new responsibilities and challenges. A mentor will, however, ensure you develop the skills and competencies.



Creating A Culture Of Coaching: 


Embracing coaching in every organization is crucial. A coaching culture-oriented organization also bears a culture of giving feedback and honest reviews. Engaging in some of these conversations helps nurture leadership culture;


  • Listen to understand: Everyone’s thoughts are always correct as long as you listen and understand. Everyone’s opinion counts.
  • Ask powerful questions: LinkedIn points out that a great leader should be willing to learn. Ask questions that will ponder minds and develop an urge to know more.
  • Strike a balance between challenge and support: Show support by making necessary corrections and giving befitting solutions in those challenging areas.
  • Ending conversations with clear next steps: Agree to take action. Deciding to take necessary measures demonstrates the supervisor values the ideas and emotions shared by trainees.
  • Practice what you speak: Make sure you act as an example by leading by example. This way, these young adults will know it’s a good deed and grips it.



Leading The Way By Example: 


An excellent way of leading by example is by furthering your studies. You’ll open doors for better career opportunities and show your mentees how to pursue their dreams. And you don’t even have to leave home to use an IT bachelor’s degree online, for example. What’s more, it may only take 2.5 years to complete your coursework.


  • Don’t force the connection: Forced connections feel like a command or obligation. Allow things to flow and create connections with the trainee’s pace. Bonds encourage freedom.
  • Positive coaching: Create a culture of winning. PositivePsychology.com suggests making your mentees believe in themselves, and they’ll be able to forgo fear and stress.
  • Teaching about the importance of education: Teach them that dreams are realized through education. The best education will present a variety of choices in society.





Coaching and mentorship help greatly in shaping young leaders. However, you must realize that young adolescents copy what they see and admire. To shape them into becoming good leaders, you must also possess the traits of a good leader that they can easily emulate. But first, start by building a bond with them. In this way, the trust will be developed and easier work will be done.




FutureSTRONG Academy understands that academic development is not the only skill kids need – people skills like taking the lead, emotional intelligence and a strong moral compass will determine who will shine. Contact us today to learn more! 678.310.5025. 

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