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People relocate to different cities and states for various reasons. Relocating as a young single person has its own challenges, but if you are moving with kids, the process is more complicated. Regarding the kids, there are issues like leaving behind friends, having to make new ones, and adjusting to a new school. Use these five tips from FutureSTRONG Academy to make the process as easy as possible for everyone in your family.



1. Find Your New Home Before You Move: 


If your new house is waiting on you when you arrive at your location, the whole family will feel less stressed about moving. You can start unpacking when you arrive and get started on setting up a new routine that works for everyone. If you move without having a house, you will likely feel more stressed while you evaluate your housing options and look for a place that meets the needs of your whole family.

When looking for a house, make sure you think about the needs of every member of your family. Take into consideration the size of a house and the features it offers before deciding to buy it. You want to choose a home that will make everyone feel comfortable. You also need to think about your budget.



2. Make A Plan: 


Having a plan in place is the best way to minimize stress about moving. Plan for an organizational system that makes packing and unpacking as smooth as possible and reduces the risk of losing important items during transit. It’s a good idea to keep essential items such as phone chargers, computers and a few changes of clothes with you so that your family is prepared to spend a night or two without unpacking if time is short.



3. Set A Budget: 


Moving can be expensive. Not only do you need to pay movers to help transport your belongings to your new home, but you may also need to find a place to stay while you find a suitable housing option. One way to keep moving expenses within your budget is to stay with a friend or family member whenever possible. However, make sure the person you stay with has a house that can accommodate you, your family, and any pets you have.


Moving With A Dog



4. Get Into a New Routine: 


Goalcast notes that most people thrive when they are in a good routine. The reason moving is so stressful for many people is because it disrupts their normal routines, so adopting a new daily schedule is a good way to adjust to your new normal. One of the best things you can do to get into a new routine is to move your business to your community. Planning is key to minimizing disruption, so make sure you label your boxes carefully and work remotely to keep your company running smoothly before you move. If you take the time to prepare for the transition, you can start running your business from your new location more quickly.



5. Get Connected: 


One study cited by Harvard found that 36% of Americans feel chronically lonely. This loneliness is much more pronounced after a move. The quicker you get plugged into your new community, the faster you can overcome the loneliness you feel. One way to meet new people is to get involved in local organizations. If you’re moving back to your hometown, you can look for friends from high school by searching names, schools, and graduation dates.





Moving is always a stressful experience, especially when you have kids who may feel displaced. Use these tips to simplify the process for your entire family, including getting everyone connected with others in the new area.




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