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Generative AI Tools: 


There’s not one day that goes by without us hearing what Chat GPT might mean for our collective future. For the past two years, we have already seen many AI generative apps coming our way. Kids and employees alike are using writing apps like Grammarly and countless transcribe tools out there for free.


Chat GPT Meme


It is a tool that automatically summarizes background reading and produces: blogs, articles, reports

It is a copywriting tool. Easy to read content. Has social media captions, startup ideas and Facebook content

Use its AI images feature. Has a Free AI Writer, Text generator and AI Copywriting Assistant

Transcribe meeting notes and summaries faster. Add comments, assign action items and highlight key points.

📌 TweetHunter:
Makes it incredibly simple to navigate Twitter’s massive knowledge library for never-ending writing ideation.

An AI auto-writing tool that automatically writes for you. 😎

📌 MakeAVideo.Studio:
AI That Generates Videos From Text:

📌 Wordtune:
Rewrites everything you say with Pulitzer-quality suggestions, wherever you write across the web.

Meet Jasper. On-brand AI content wherever you create.

Tell stories like never before with this advanced AI generation engine.

The most realistic and versatile AI text to speech software.

It is an AI tool that removes vocals, separates music, and does precise stem extraction.

📌 ChatGPT:
ChatGPT is too useful for ideation. With good prompts, you’ll never run out of quality ideas for writing.

Turns audio content into transcriptions

Krisp’s AI removes background voices from calls

📌 Lex.Page:
AI-enhanced word processor that’s scary-good at copying your tone and style.

📌 HyperWrite:
Finishes your sentences for you wherever you’re writing across the web.

📌 Grammarly: 
Communicate With Impact. Ensure Everything You Write Comes Across The Way You Intend. Present Your Best Self Every Time You Type. Make Your Writing Clear and Engaging. Eliminate grammar errors. Easily improve any text.

Search a massive library of curated AI images

📌 Jasper: 
Generates any kind of content with crazy customizability. Now cites sources, too.

AI-Generated copy, that actually increases conversion.

Design branded content in a flash

📌 Ocoya:
Create and schedule social media content

Write high-performing cold emails

Make short-form videos from long-form content

Create Amazon listings in seconds

📌 Illustroke:
Create killer vector images from text prompts

📌 Finta:
Automate your entire fundraising workflow

Automatically edit your podcast episodes

📌 Looka:
Design your own beautiful brand

Create unique royalty-free music

Generate patterns for your product using AI

Generate the perfect stock photo you need

Generate personalized videos at scale.

AI chatbots that automate customer service

Stop searching for the song you need. Create it.

📌 Cleanup.Pictures:
Remove any wanted object from your pictures

Extract data from websites easily

📌 Resumeworded:
Improve your resume and LinkedIn profile

📌 theresanaiforthat:
Comprehensive database of AIs

Create AI videos by simply typing in text.

📌 Descript:
New way to make video and podcasts

📌 Inkforall:
AI content

📌 Thundercontent:
Generate Content with AI

Turns your text into a human-sounding voice

Build an AI-powered knowledge base

📌 QuillBot:
While it rewrites anything you want with extensive customization, it also has many other features, like checking for plagiarism.

📌 Mutiny:
Copywriting? A/B test your copy for huge conversion rate boosts easily.

📌 Native:
Translate your writing into other languages in realtime with quality localization.

Studio quality recording

📌 Broca:
Generate entire content marketing campaigns on-demand with quality AI output.

📌 Acrolinx: 
Ensures all your content remains consistent with your brand across all material.

📌 Taplio:
Taplio’s little brother, but for LinkedIn. Doesn’t have as many features but it’s plenty effective.

📌 Typeshare:
A literal marketplace of ideas for LinkedIn posts, tweets, essays, and more.

Massive collection of free, AI-generated stock photos

📌 Hemingway:
Provides detailed suggestions for making your writing bold and clear.

It’s also a copywriting tool that helps you create high-quality plagiarism free conten. Assists in: writing, brainstorming, editing and

📌 UnFluffer:
Rewrites your text to remove all its fluff while preserving your tone.

DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

Centralizes knowledge for easy reference. Pragma reveals, and structures needed organizational knowledge otherwise hidden or scattered across multiple platforms and provides easy access to it, whenever you really need it.

A tool that generates content ideas for you, and then helps you along the writing process by generating hooks and outlines for your stories.

📌 Instoried: 
Offers in-depth analysis of your writing to ensure you always convey your ideas as compellingly as possible.



The Generative AI Landscape: 



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