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Please call and talk to someone. You ARE precious.



American National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL):


Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people between 10 to 24. If you’re anyone contemplating suicide, please know you’re loved, and there’s help.

And if you know someone who is contemplating suicide, DO NOT promise anyone that you will keep his or her suicidal thoughts a secret.


Call 24/7:
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Chat Online Anytime:

Speak Up For Mental Health: Find Mental Health Organizations and Experts:



Alcohol Addiction Intervention Resources: 


Alcohol Rehab Help: 

As you may know, alcoholism is a leading contributing factor to kidney disease. Binge drinking leads a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) to heighten to dangerous levels. This may cause the kidneys to lose their function, potentially leading to acute kidney injury. We wrote this guide to help folks understand this link and potentially get the help they need to cut back or quit drinking completely.




Free Guide On Alcohol and Depression:


When a person is clinically depressed, alcohol and/or other substances can serve as a coping mechanism. A person’s depression should be acknowledged when hoping to treat their alcohol addiction and those who have their mental health addressed alongside their addiction find greater long-term success.

By sharing this article, we’re hoping to prevent one from succumbing to numbing, and instead, encourage them to think about healing their emotional wellbeing.
Find out:

1. The link between Depression and Alcohol
2. Signs of Depression to watch out for
3. How to find treatment




The Connection Between Alcohol And Cancer:


Light drinking, moderate drinking, and heavy drinking all increase a person’s risk of some cancers. For light drinkers, the risk of developing cancer over time is low, but still present. For heavy drinkers or those with an alcohol use disorder (AUD), the risk of developing certain cancers increases as a person ages. Alcohol consumption can cause breast, liver, esophageal, colorectal, and head & neck cancer.

Read more on the studies HERE.



Educational Tool on Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse:


Excessive alcohol consumption, according to the CDC, is responsible for 88,000 deaths per year and costs the U.S more than $200 billion annually. As you may know, some problems caused by too much drinking include liver disease, cancer, brain damage, gastrointestinal disease, trauma, birth defects, and automobile accidents.

To help raise awareness and prevention, our team at New Method Wellness created a guide on the long-term effects of alcohol abuse. This guide is great for loved ones who may be concerned and provides a free alcohol use disorder self-test at the bottom of the page. You can view it below:




Other Resources:


BOCA Recovery Center: Substance Abuse And Mental Health Hotlines: https://bocarecoverycenter.com/addiction/hotlines/

Houston Recovery And Treatment Programs: https://lunarecovery.com/

Addiction Treatment Center In Washington: https://www.bayviewrecovery.com/

Mental Health Treatment in Mission Viejo, CA: https://449recovery.org/

Eagle Creek Ranch Recovery Drug Rehab In Idaho: https://idahorecoverycenter.com/

New Jersey Detox And Rehabilitation: https://www.discoverynj.org/

The Leading Addiction Treatment Center in Portland, Maine: https://cascobayrecovery.com/

Chapters Recovery Center – Danvers Addiction Treatment Center, MA: https://www.chaptersrecoverycenter.com/

Indiana Drug & Alcohol Treatment That Works: https://firstcityrecoverycenter.com/

Maryland Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program: https://www.thefreedomcenter.com/

Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles: https://westwindrecovery.com/

Personalized Addiction Treatment at Washington Rehab Center: https://freebythesea.com/

The Woodlands Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center: https://magnoliacitydetox.com/

Northern Illinois Recovery Center: Build The Foundation For A Sober Life: https://www.northernillinoisrecovery.com/

The Emotional, Financial And Physical Effects Of Addiction Affects Family and Friends: Read them HERE.

Reliable Source of Free Information on Facing Addiction: https://www.rehabspot.com/

Inpatient And Outpatient Addiction Rehab And Treatment: https://www.okrehab.org/

Alcohol Abuse and Binge Drinking Community Resource: https://www.graniterecoverycenters.com/alcohol-abuse/binge-drinking/

Find The Best Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center Near You: https://www.addictionresource.net/

We Want To Save Lives: https://www.addictionguide.com/

Teen Drug Abuse & Addiction Resource: https://www.addictiongroup.org/addiction/teens/

Rehab.com LLC, “The Help Company”: https://www.rehab.com/

What Is the Difference Between Social and Binge Drinking? https://definingwellness.com/resources/social-drinking-vs-binge-drinking/

Alcohol Rehab Guide – Reach Out To The Treatment Providers. https://www.alcoholrehabguide.org/resources/dual-diagnosis/alcohol-and-suicide/



Vaping & Tobacco Intervention Resources: 


STATS: 2018 national survey data concluded that 11.7% of high school students and 3.3% of middle school students have used an e-cigarette in the past 30 days.


Find them HERE



Immediate Mental Health Resources Around The World: 



Click HERE.







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For Your Spiritual, Mental And Psychological Wellness


Here Are Free Resources For Children, Teens, Adults And Parents

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