A World Of Suffering? 


If our lives were stories, we would all live in a world where we would create problems, resolve conflicts and come up with some spectacular solutions. We would give the protagonist a world of suffering to endure and make sure he/she will emerge from it successfully.

Just like in stories, real life is no different. Our world is full of suffering. We humans suffer the most under any kind of unmerited suffering – suffering that we did not anticipate, or suffering we think we don’t deserve. When bad things happen to us without our personal incitement, we break down. On the other hand if we know that we have to suffer in order to achieve something, we will somehow endure it.



Think Like A Protagonist:


Just like in a story where we help our hero with their challenges, we must think of our own life in terms of an epic saga. And that’s where the term recovery comes into place.

A recovery mindset is when you can quickly get back into standing your own personal power in spite of anything that is unfolding around you – good, bad and the ugly. Let’s begin why we need to develop a recovery mindset in the first place.

Developing a recovery mindset to restore ourselves and get back to trying our best yet again at the same thing that set us back is a super power. Before you start suffering, ask yourself if you have a dog in the fight? By that I mean, do you have anything to lose or gain in this fight you’re in. Is it even worth it to think about the current situation in a negative light?



Strategies For Becoming Unbreakable:


Here are some of the strategies that you can use to develop a rock solid and tough recovery mindset.


1. Tell Yourself, You’re Okay:


The first thing is going with the idea that in spite of anything, “I’m going to be okay.” Does that mean that you will become risk-averse? Not necessarily, in fact, you will be ready to take on any challenges that you have not been able to put your mind to until now. Trust time to heal any wound. Take cue from nature. Every new spring brings in a fresh bloom of tulips. Be here, wherever you are now. Mindfulness matters for emotional wellbeing. Create a refuge for yourself. It can be a tech free zone or a small place in your home that feels safe like a sanctuary. Meditate there often.


2. Love Being Happy:


The next thing is asking yourself, “Do I want to be right?” or “Do I want to be happy?” Sometimes we want to argue with the other person to make sure that he or she sees our point at any cost. But, is it all worth it at the end of the day? Take a cue from refugees fleeing their livelihoods and their ancestral homes to run away. They know that there’s nothing more important than peace.


3. Make A Personal Value System:


The important thing to understand about our direction in life is that, irrespective of anything else, our own personal values matter. It is okay to stand by our value system even if it is the most difficult and the least profitable thing to do. It means that we honor our truth and will not just get into any convenient lies just so we can be a part of something that is popular but isn’t really what we stand for. Doing the right thing based on our value system doesn’t present any ethical dilemmas for us down the road as we’re confident because we’re standing in your own truth. More importantly, there is absolutely no need of convincing anybody else of what the truth is. Our truth is ours and it is for us to own it.


4. Give Unconditionally:


Expectations weigh us down. When we do a service to others without hope of reciprocity, we feel no hurt. When we help and give to others unconditionally, we fortify our own recovery. Train yourself to make plans for daily routines and rigor. And encourage others around you to take breaks to build stamina, strength and endurance. Put your feet up once in a while to introspect. Practice radical forgiveness for yourself and others. Accept your flaws and suspend judgement.

Finally, keep a journal. Studies have shown that we accelerate our emotional recovery by writing about our problems. So help yourself as if you would a story teller.



Fight Against Any Obstacle:


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