Signs Of Something Terrible:


Around the house, and around you, there can be unmistakable signs of tech addiction. You have no interest in what’s happening around you. You’re lying to yourself about how much you use your phone. The first obvious sign is that you don’t think your excessive use of technology is a problem at all. Here are some more specific signs.



Technology Creeps Into Your Life:


You will be a victim of technology creep. It means you are unable to draw a line between your personal space of physical, regular face to face interactions and your online interactions. Each one of these is spilling into the other and you are not doing much to control where and how much you are spending time online while going through the motions of life. Essentially, you feel like you’re muddling through life, with no clarity of purpose.



Compulsive Shopping Habits:


You are hiding your shopping habits, and putting off important things you have to do on the back burner. And you buy stuff online that you don’t remember about until it arrives at your door. You are experiencing guilt and sorrow about your behavior to hide your online shopping habits.



Extreme Nomophobia:


You have anxiety when your phone battery is low. You stay up very late to watch “stuff online” using your earphones. You go to sleep after being exhausted with the bright blue rectangle. Essentially, you miss your phone when you go to the bathroom.



Stuck In Comparison Traps:


You are browsing pictures of strangers and comparing your life to some unrealistic images. Your self-esteem and self-confidence are taking a hit, and you probably don’t know it yet. Essentially, you feel like a loser after watching Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram reel.



Extreme Addiction Needs Intervention: 


You’re exhibiting anti-social behavior and want to be just left alone. The amount of choices around you about anything overwhelm you delaying you to make smart and quick decisions. You don’t find it exciting to fulfill any familial or household responsibilities.

You’re a master at opening 20 apps or browser tabs in under a minute and that’s a source of stress to you. You’ve stopped doing any reasonable amount of physical activity during the day. And you can’t even “go”, without clicking something on your phone. Worst yet, you’ve been threatened with divorce if you don’t give up Candy Crush or Farmville.

If any of the above are happening to you, it’s time to seek therapeutical/clinical help for your addiction symptoms.


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