The Perfect Harmony:


A person’s state is said to be in perfect harmony if they are able to balance, both Aahaara – Eating and Vihaara – Resting. Aahara is for the body whereas Vihaara is for the mind.

Our personal and professional wellbeing depends on our moral codes of behavior. Adopt self-control – Brahmacharya for the physical self, non-injury – Ahimsa for the emotional self and truthfulness – Satyam for the intellectual self.



How To Develop Character Strength:


Astheya – Non-stealing:


The desire to take things for personal gain even when it does not belong to us. This understanding is deeper and a lot more subtle. We take things around us for granted, take liberties, feel entitled, and in the process continue to rob ourselves and others consciously or unconsciously. To live a life consistent with this dharma we follow a simple guideline – are the actions we commit to benefit ourselves or others. If it is ourselves – is our intent truly grounded in helping ourselves at the cost of others. Alternately, do our action serve to help others. Understanding this helps us conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with this principle.


Indriya Nigraha – Limiting The Pleasure Of Our Sensory Organs:


When a person looks at a world with a pair of blemished lenses all he see is blemished people and surroundings around him. If he could clean the lens his perception could change. Similarly, we are all conditioned to understand this world based on our experiences, how we cultivate our 5 senses, and are able to control them. When we live a life of uncontrolled desires, we fear failure, and we live with a perpetual feeling of inadequacy. We experience disappointment as a result of our expectations not being met. We live as a product of our circumstances and feel like we have no control over our happiness.


Dharma In Karma



The Rishi’s Way:


What Ramayana teaches us, is that Rishi’s way is Dharma. And even if the Rishis have extraordinary powers, they don’t use them because they come in their way of following their Dharma. Here are 3 blocks to the Rishi’s way, as told by Samaveda Shanmukha Sarma in a speech on July 15th, 2023.

Kopam (Anger)
Samsayam (Doubt)
Bhayam (Fear)



Types of Purification For The Body And Soul:


1. Body gets purified…
2. Breath gets purified…
3. Mind gets purified…
4. Intellect gets purified…
by *Spiritual KNOWLEDGE*
5. Memory gets purified…
6. Ego gets purified…
7. Self gets purified…
8. Food gets purified…
(While cooking & eating)
9. Wealth gets purified…
10.Feelings gets purified…


* * *


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