We live in a world inundated with devices
Cooing birds, rustling leaves nothing entices.

Laughter of kids at play and oldies on bench seem far off
Ask some one to go with you for a walk, invite a scoff.

Neighbors, friends, even own brothers pass by
No one looks up even if someone were to die

Buried in screens make-world dreams
Oblivious to pickpockets rapes or screams

Person sitting next to us may be in tears
Everyone is buried in missing out fears

The one who’s next n cares for you is ignored,
And the one only seen on screen is adored

A beggar in a food fair, we’ve lots to stare
Appetite is gone still hunger gnaws there.




Poem Author: Girijaa Deshhpande


* * *


About The Author: 

Girijaa Deshhpande is Founder Director of DG Consulting, an HR Consultancy. She is a leadership coach and soft skills learning facilitator. She is a Rotarian from Rotary Club of Mumbai Elite. She is President, All Elites Advanced Toastmasters Club and VP Education, Eloquent Elites Toastmasters Club. She initiated and started Eloquent Elites Toastmasters Club – which is the first Rotary Toastmasters Collaboration both in Rotary District 3141 and Toastmasters District 98. She is Director -CSR Projects and Fundraising for Rotary Club of Mumbai Elite. Avenue Director at Rotary District 3141.

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