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Experts in the field of addiction are divided as to whether Internet Addiction Disorder is really a true clinical dependence or simply a social and behavioral problem.

Understanding Digital Addiction is important because some of the parallels of substance abuse and digital addiction are striking.

The cornerstone of all addictions is loss of control, changes in mood, tolerance, withdrawal, and continuation of use despite adverse consequences, all of which are criteria that a digital dependence can meet.

The impact this can have on our productivity is huge.

Subject Expert: Rachana Nadella-Somayajula

Anchor And Workshop Desc. Credit: Girijaa Deshhpande



On A Digital Diet: 


Watch Part II of this DIGITAL Wellbeing Workshop HERE.



Digital Devastation By Girijaa Deshhpande: 


A Poem On Our Collective Screen Addictions.

Read it HERE.


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The Digital Literacy Project: Disrupting humanity's technology addiction habits one truth at a time.

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