Crossing The Barrier Of Learning:


Many children might enter the classroom with a variety of learning barriers. Some children come hungry, some after facing a tough morning with their bickering parents and some without any supporting resources or caring adults in their homes.


  1. A kind teacher must be prepared and be ready to address any learning barriers children might have.
  2. We must help the child understand the importance of connecting their current learning and its relevance to the real world applications.
  3. A caring teaching must ensure that the child is cared for and that someone is invested in their potential for learning.
  4. Our community must come together to help children receive positive feedback to feel supported in their peer group as well as in the outside world.



The Science Of Effective Learning:


Shana Carpenter, a professor of psychology at Iowa State University, has led research for a paper for the publication, Nature Reviews Psychology. Researchers, along with her, have examined more than 100 years of research on learning. The role of metacognition – learners’ awareness and regulation of their own learning, is also discussed.

“The benefits of spacing and retrieval practice have been confirmed over and over in studies in labs, classrooms, workplaces, but the reason why we’re showcasing this research is because these two techniques haven’t fully caught on. If they were utilized all the time, we’d see drastic increases in learning.”

Spacing is a strategy to learn in small doses over time. It’s the opposite of cramming the night before an exam.

Retrieval practice is a strategy that involves recalling what was learned previously. It can take many forms, including flash cards, practice tests, and open-ended writing prompts, and helps learners recognize what they do and don’t know.




A Classroom Wall



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