1. Forget changing others, ask yourself how and what you can do better starting now.
2. Do more of what your heart wants, especially if it benefits others too.
3. Think legacy and your positive impact on the world long after you’re gone.
4. Let go of people if you have to, thank them for the permanent lessons they’ve taught you.
5. Learn to be silent even in the company of those you love and care about.
6. Reduce the reaction time of a rejection and setback. That is pretty much all the skills you will need to navigate life.
7. Don’t put anything on the internet or a public space that you will be embarrassed about 5 years from now.
8. Unconditional love is not the same as unwavering tolerance. Realize that.
9. Perfection is not progress.
10. Time is the only asset we own, nothing – absolutely nothing is worth giving up our peace of mind for.
11. Be a lifelong learner, that’s the only moving goal post you can thrive on anyway.
12. A life well lived is a sum of all the days lived with peace, contentment and joy.
13. If you don’t have a midnight call list of emergency contacts, start working on it today.
14. Your strong ties, and your weak ties – those who you meet occasionally while living life, show others what your priorities are.


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Our mission with FutureSTRONG Academy – to grow children who respect themselves, their time and their capabilities in a world where distractions are just a click or a swipe away.

I see myself as an advocate for bringing social, emotional and character development to families, schools and communities. I never want to let this idea out of my sight – Our children are not just GPAs. I’m a Writer and a Certified Master Coach in NLP and CBT. Until 2017, I was also a Big Data Scientist. In December of 2044, I hope to win the Nobel. Namasté

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Rachana Nadella-Somayajula,
Program Director & Essential Life Skills Coach for Kids and Busy Parents

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Our children will one day face the real world without our support. Academic development is not the only skill they will need in the real world where people skills like taking the lead, emotional intelligence and a strong moral compass will determine who will shine. So, as parents who want to raise well rounded adults, we want to give them the right tools for their personal development.

Here is COMMITMENT as described as the 6 C’s of Future STRONG.

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Wellbeing is a sum of: Autonomy, Purpose, Connectedness. 

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