What Is Love?

Krishna explains pure love in this way in the Gita.

“The spirit of pure love is to love without condition, to speak without intention, to give without reason, and to care without expectation.”

As long as humans have existed on earth, there’s been a conflict of emotions and tempers that have dwelled in our hearts. We love some dearly, while we despise others just as passionately. 

Is it simpler to coexist with animals and birds than humans? Is it because they don’t talk back and challenge our ideas?




We acknowledge the fact that fire is hot and are aware of it. We do not blame the fire if we are burned after touching it. If we’re feeling the cool sea water and sand between our toes in the beach and the person next to us is also enjoying the same, we feel a sense of collective joy at the moment.

We don’t envy them or ask them to step away from “our beach” or “our sea”. Such a thought doesn’t even cross our minds because we don’t have sole ownership of nature or what it offers. As a result, we are not possessive of these moments of exuberance and love.

A knowledgeable person, according to the Bhagavad Gita, travels everywhere with love and affection. He does not become attached to anything, like the wind around us that flows freely. He is open to everything and everyone. He understands that some people are polite and the same people can be in conflict with him at some other time.

An intelligent person knows not to personalize others’ behavior as a response or reaction to something they must have done. They know just as the feelings of joy and happiness are fleeting, so are emotions like anger and sadness are. Such a wise man enjoys everything – locations, circumstances, and people, because his senses are under control and he has no particular preferences or expectations on how people should behave or circumstances should unfold.




The ultimate message here is to accept reality for what it is. If a change is required, go ahead and try to make it, but don’t push for it. If the change is in our control completely, we must try our best to make the circumstances convenient to our wish. If the change is dependent on external factors, there’s no point trying to push for it.

Being realistic in our expectations with others is the first step to living a life of fulfillment and peace. Create some space around you to accept the love, kindness and affection from all sides. At the same time, give that space for the people you love so your love doesn’t become a burden for them to reciprocate in equal measure. The exchange of love and affection is not just a simple equation to be resolved on either side.

Once again: The spirit of pure love is to love without condition, to speak without intention, to give without reason, and to care without expectation.


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