I know that the future of the world will be filled with coding and programming, and that my generation will be at the forefront, leading the way to new technologies and innovations. I have already started on my path toward computing, learning about the basics of computer languages such as Java and Python, doing 3D sketches in my free time, and being a part of my school robotics team. I have always had a strong understanding in math, and science, specifically physics, has always been a topic I want to learn more about. Of course, I still have a long path of learning and growth.

I want to learn and widen my abilities every day, and quantum computing is a topic that has always interested me. It’s a type of computing that is relatively new, and it has the ability to solve unsolvable problems, find new angles to look at things, and crunch data like nothing else before. I want to learn and know all of this knowledge. I want to someday help people and solve those unsolvable problems. I know that someday, quantum computing will become the leading technology in the future, and someday I want to be a leader in the field with that technology.

Being provided an opportunity at such a young age allows me to develop my skills and knowledge a lot earlier. This course, which is sponsored by IBM, taught by MIT scientists and even free for all, is sure to help inspire and teach me more about this topic. I know that this course will also teach me new skills that I can use for other everyday tasks and problems. I would like to thank the Qubit x Qubit for the opportunity, and would also like to thank the person reading this for the time.




Author: A 16 year old’s thoughts on completing a Quantum Computing course, offered by Qubit x Qubit, over the summer.


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