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On 14 June 2020, the Nation lost much too soon, Sushant Singh Rajput – a very talented, genuine, articulate genius mind; a national asset who was working with Niti Ayog; a humanitarian, who donated large sums to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for flood-ravaged states of Kerala and Nagaland in the quiet; someone who was working on an initiative to provide free education to deserving underprivileged children; a progressive and far-sighted intuitive person; compassionate to the core went out of his way to pose for anyone on the street – to the conspiracy hatched by people who were insecure about his presence in the Film Industry and evil designs of a scheming gang who did not appreciate his noble ways.

Coming from a hard working middle class family, the life path he chose and carved for himself with his unique and refreshing approach and sheer sweat and blood is a stuff of a legend.

His untimely mysterious demise was covered by National Television channels which researched and aired the incriminating evidence and the cover-up actions by the criminals extensively until the time the channels were, apparently, either bought or silenced under pressure/threat.

Following the unfortunate tragedy of 14th June,2020, all of India and also people across the globe rose in uproar against the injustice perpetrated to Sushant. People were united in their shared feeling of grief and outrage. Unprecedented number of Well-wishers came out on the streets, and social media, , taking the System and Bollywood by surprise and not to their liking.

Campaign for Justice for SSR is the most organic public mass movement in Indian History.

Even today, there is a dedicated community of fans and admirers of Sushant on social media platforms who are relentlessly demanding Justice for him; which is nothing short of a revolution in itself.

Massive PR operations were set into motion to defame and tarnish the image of Sushant Singh Rajput by the vested interests.

ED still has to file a charge sheet.

CBI still has to file a charge sheet.

NCB has filed a charge sheet but has questionably attempted to put everything on a dead man’s shoulder who cannot be present to defend himself. The Case seems to be in limbo and the prolonged silence is baffling and painful.

We hold our premier investigating agencies in great esteem and are proud of our Democratic country. We, as law-abiding, responsible, citizens appeal to the Highest echelons to deliver justice for the most inhumane and dastardly act in a time-sensitive manner. We owe it to give our children and future generation a safe environment to grow in and a healthy society to live in and a noble country that we feel proud to represent globally.

Now We Demand CBI to give a meaningful update on SSR case : We are the SSR Justice campaign community. It’s been over two years and premier agency like CBI is quiet on Sushant’s case. Despite the daily trending on Twitter & social media for over 2 years no one seems to be listening to us. Authorities need to give us an update. Sushant Matters. His Justice Matters. His family and fans are eagerly waiting for some action from agencies. It is high time we urge CBI TO FILE CHARGESHEET IN SSR Case.

Let us protest against 29 Months of Injustice to one of India’s most loved and enduring artist who was brutally taken away from us. Please join us and sign this petition in making time bound fast track Investigation of this case by CBI possible.



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The Fight For Justice


Capturing the radiant essence of Sushant Singh Rajput, his towering legacy, and our unbreakable connection with him in a few words is difficult. But, in our pursuit of justice for his brilliant soul, we are already redefining what’s possible.

After all, our “Dear Photon” was that bundle of energy who showed us how to contemplate deeply, seek change and inspire action in others.

He was on his way to sending 100 kids for workshops in ISRO/NASA (Dream 13/50), was helping train more and more women in self-defense (Dream 33/50), and was pursuing his passion to be an ambidextrous archer (Dream 37/50).

There was so much more he was aspiring for our future and actively working towards until the day he was murdered.

Join us as we shatter past narratives and move towards a collective future that our Sushant had dreamt for us. We’re all living our lives now, but isn’t it time we live our dreams?!

If you’re like us, we need your help to make the resounding roar of justice louder! Words are encouraging, but actions are empowering! Are you with us?





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