Compassion Vs. Kindness:


“Self-compassion simply means giving oneself a break without feeling guilty or selfish.” A friend recently told me.

While acting with compassion, a person may feel bad for someone else but does not necessarily share their emotions. But when someone has compassion, they could experience the same emotions as the person who is in pain. A person who has compassion will experience joy or sorrow in the same way as others.

Compassion is based on the truth that as humans we all have an intrinsic worth and share similar aspirations, fears, and struggles. When we feel compassion for one another, we honor and respect that truth. When we’re compassionate in our hearts, it helps us nourish the power of hope in our life. Tell yourself, “I meet any situation with loving kindness.”



A Guide To Kindness Quotient:


If you want to guide yourself and others on the path to achieving a great KQ, here are some ways.

1. Ask yourself, why is it important to be kind to others. What are your reasons?
2. Identify ways that you want others to speak to you. Are you saying the same kind words to strangers and loved ones?
3. Understand the basics of what makes up the vocabulary for kind speech.
4. When in conflict with others’ opinions, understand that each of us have the right to democratic thinking. We can still hold a conversation even when we disagree with the other party.
4. Check yourself often to reflect on your attitudes and behaviors to see if you are implementing your kindness blueprint.

Find out more on how to nurture kindness in young children HERE.






The Kindness Checklist:


  1. Invite someone new to join you and your friends for lunch
  2. Pick up trash in and around your school
  3. Email your long lost friend to tell them how much their influence meant to you
  4. Clean up the beach when you’re visiting the ocean
  5. Ask a family member what you can do to help
  6. On the playground find someone who you don’t usually hang out with and get to know them better
  7. Give someone a compliment
  8. Let a teammate go first
  9. Rake leaves or shovel snow for a neighbor
  10. Remember to say “please” and “thank you”
  11. Write a note or letter to a teacher or someone who has impacted your life and let them know how much




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A Positive Approach:


Do you love to see people smile and laugh? If you see someone crying what would you do? Are there more good people than bad people in the world? Can people change and become nicer? What ways can you be helpful to others? How do you feel when someone says “I love you”?

These are the questions that we can use to perceive our attitudes and others’ behaviors towards us in the world. And each one of these questions requires us to be kind and understanding towards ourselves and others.

What’s more? Kindness literally heals the self. Compassion energizes us. It reduces stress and gives us a sense of freedom and joy.

Can kindness be taken too far? Yes, sometimes. When others mistake our kindness for our naiveite, we might be taken advantage of. So, just like with anything else, don’t overdo your attitude of kindness.

Finally, educate your heart by feeding it positive emotions. The amount of kindness is far greater than the amount of violence the world faces. It’s just not in the news always.



How To Help Heal The Wounded | Gregory Boyle | Goalcast: 



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