The Governing Principles Of Animation: 


Whenever you sit down to create 2D animation explainer videos, you will come across a bundle of elements governing Animation in general.

In the animation world, we call them the Principles of Animation. Now these are crucial for your videos because they turn your sincere efforts into magical pieces of animation.

If we talk about the animation industry, there is an endless list of 2D Animation Company studios that offer animation services.

But, how many of them stick to the foundational principles of Animation? Well, not all. If we look into it, there are approximately 12-13 Crucial principles of animation. Let’s take a look at the top 5.



I. Squash And Stretch: 


Squash And Stretch | Image from researchgate.net


It is one of the most crucial principles of 2D Animation. The application of squash and stretch exists in almost everything around us.

Irrespective of the type of explainer video you choose, this principle is present everywhere due to the elastic-like characteristic that it provides to your animation.

By using it, you can represent flexibility that your character carries in your animation.

Also, the concept of storyboarding is important here as it helps you focus on your character as per your story outline.



II. Anticipation: 


Anticipation | Image from pinterest.com


The act of making your audience guess what’s ahead.

While performing animation, using the principle of Anticipation provides your characters with a realistic approach.

Anticipation helps generate curiosity and suspense about the next event.

For example, adding anticipation to your athlete’s knees before he begins the race will produce excitement & thrill in your 2D animation video.

Want to give life to your character? Just use Anticipation. That’s it.



III. Staging: 


Poor Staging | Image from pinterest.com


In simple words: Staging means focusing on what’s important and cutting out the fluff.

With the help of motion graphics, the principle of staging can be put to work.

While creating animated videos for businesses, remember: The agenda is to divert the attention of the viewers from the non-important frame to the ongoing-important scene.

To properly execute this, try keeping the motion level of non-important frames to a minimum.



IV. Timing:  


Timing | Image from smashingmagazine.com


It refers to where you place each action frame on the timeline.

With this principle, you can define the success rate of your animation. Timing is everything. Everything that you can think of.

When you add timing to your character, it gives them emotion in the form of worry, excitement, depression, happiness, etc.

Imagine an elephant walking too fast. Will the timing frame make it look realistic?

Not really, right? Hence, if you want your character to leave an impact on your viewers, you need to adjust its timing appropriately.



V. Exaggeration: 


Exaggeration | Image from darvideo.tv


The way of adding more appeal and life to a certain character in animation.

By adding exaggeration, the dramatic effect will shoot up, thus causing extra impact.

For example, a cop kicks a culprit on his back which sends him to the moon flying.

Or maybe, a cartoon character who keeps on running in the belief that the floor behind him is vanishing as he keeps moving ahead.

Well, the saying goes – Less is More.

However, here in Exaggeration – More is More.




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Article Author: Komal Kokate


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About The Author: 

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