Starting A Non-Profit: 


Our kids are the future. What they do during childhood should be the teaching ground to enable them to become strong, well-rounded adults. At FutureSTRONG Academy, we want to see children thrive using the innovativeness of technology such as coding, robotics, and even chess to improve their critical thinking skills. Inspired to take action? Here’s what to do to start your non-profit organization.



Discover A Need: 


To get the funding and support you require, there has to be a need in your community that’s worth advocating for.


  • Determine what cause you’re going to be supporting through your non-profit. Look at IssueLab for clues regarding what issues exist in your area.
  • Some ideas you can look into include advocating for the welfare of animals, helping the homeless, eradicating food poverty, helping those with physical and mental disabilities, etc.
  • Look for companies that may be advocating for a similar cause as you to prevent duplication of your efforts. Use GuideStar as a source to look up the information you need.
  • Apply to companies that give to non-profits to support your mission, such as Johnson & Johnson, Citigroup, Samsung, and Verizon.




Register Your Non-Profit: 


As with any business, there are certain legalities that one needs to follow to start operating as a nonprofit.




Decide On The Management Structure: 


Your non-profit will need to be led by directors with relevant experience to help guide your organization accordingly.



These are just a few of the things to consider when starting your non-profit to ensure you are on the right track from the get-go.




FutureSTRONG Academy believes that every child has potential. They just want to be told so by loving and caring adults. Call 678.310.5025.

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