Engagement In Classrooms:


Whether you’re a veteran teacher or you’re just starting out in your career as an educator, you aspire to instill a love of learning in your students and ensure their academic success. But between lesson plans and testing schedules, keeping organized while fostering curiosity and creativity to keep kids engaged isn’t always easy! So, here’s some advice to help you juggle it all in the classroom:



Staying Technologically Proficient: 


Today, a vast majority of teachers use digital tools in the classroom. And for some of them, getting familiar with e-learning platforms may seem quite daunting at first. But as students are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, the classroom is rapidly turning into a virtual learning experience. And with so many new apps, programs, and platforms designed to enhance lesson plans, teachers have to keep learning as well! So take some time to learn your way around the new tech by watching video tutorials, and ask your administrators and colleagues if there are seminars or classes you can attend to master a new platform or program. And in the event the school Wi-Fi stops working, make sure you have “unplugged” activities planned as well!



Tracking Student Engagement and Progress: 


Educators are tasked with fostering a love of learning in their students. If one of your charges is struggling to learn or understand the material, how do you encourage them to keep trying and overcome obstacles? Showing your students what new skills they’ve mastered and what goals they’ve reached can be a great motivator. So track your students’ progress regularly, and be an encourager: they may not be proficient in a certain area yet – but they will eventually be if they keep practicing! Measuring your students’ progress doesn’t have to be based solely on letter grades, either: authentic assessments let children take control of what they’re learning and allow them to show what they know rather than focusing on what they don’t know. By incorporating this kind of testing into your curriculum, you’ll get more engagement from your students.


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Developing Organizational Skills: 


With so many tests, papers, and book reports to grade, a teacher’s desk can often turn into an overwhelming mess. Investing in color-coded binders and bins can be a lifesaver when it comes to staying organized in the classroom. Having a home for everything will make it easier on you and your students. If you’re old school, use a large wall calendar to keep track of important dates such as exams, field trips, and picture day. But if you want to save yourself time, a digital calendar will let you copy and paste information, and you can set reminders to keep you on track and to ensure you don’t miss anything important. Additionally, if you want to keep clutter to a minimum, think about digitizing your documents. Using a free online program, you can extract a single page or range of pages from your PDF files and reorganize them to add new information, develop a new lesson plan, or come up with questions for a test.





In 2020, Cloud computing and video conferencing helped students keep learning when the world was on lockdown, and teachers adapted and found new ways to engage their students. Now that kids are back in the classroom, you can keep virtual learning going by staying on top of the latest technologies. Additionally, keep your classroom organized by digitizing your files, and use a digital calendar to never miss important events!




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