The problem with us is not that we cannot manage our time well, it is that we lack passion for our purpose. Let’s say we have a looming deadline, and your friends call you to go to a movie. The obvious choice is to stop worrying about the project and just go and enjoy yourself at the movies. Just kidding!

The bottom line is we procrastinate because we don’t prioritize our most important tasks. Imagine your house floods tonight and you need to get it fixed. You will somehow manage to squeeze five hours to clean it up, call the repair folks and stay online with the insurance to ensure they pick up the tab for all the costs.

Let’s talk about how to prioritize. Its important to identify the tasks that are worth doing and those that are not. The Eisenhower’s matrix helps us breakdown tasks from Important and Urgent to Unimportant and Not urgent.

The next biggest hurdle on our road to our goals, is our sense of overwhelm. The bigger the task ahead of us, the greater the procrastination. So how about divide the task into small bite size chunks so they become easy to accomplish.

The other problem we see with time mismanagement is that we often over promise what we can deliver. Understanding what it takes to finish what we have promised requires us to introspect deeply our strengths and any possible road blocks we might encounter.

And last but not the least, our attention is under constant attack in our digital world. So forget time management, instead focus on attention management.


Gamers Coming Out Of Quarantine Be Like


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