The Courage To Be Authentic:


Here are a few important aspects of human behavior that get in the way of building courage and authenticity at the workplace.


a. Avoiding tough conversations, we try to be overtly nice and polite. There’s lack of clarity, and there’s the water cooler gossip.
b. Rather than acknowledging fear, we spend huge times managing problematic behaviors.
c. Diminishing trust caused by lack of connection and empathy.
d. Not enough of us are taking smart risks or sharing bold ideas. Fear of ridicule or failure.
e. We’re spending time defining our setbacks, failures et. We’re spending time on reassuring resources who’re questioning their value.
f. Too much shame and blame, no accountability and learning.
g. Opting out of conversations about diversity.
h. When something goes wrong, we’re not problem solving for the long term.
i. Organizational behavior is just aspirational.
j. Perfection is keeping us from learning and growing.



How To Build Courage: 


I. Don’t seek psychological safety:

Feeling safe to take risks, no resentment, no backlash for feedback, embarrass, reject or punishments.

II. Get out of your comfort zone:

a. Ask questions
b. Seek feedback
c. Admit a mistake
d. Suggest a whacky solution.



4 Skills That Make Up Courage:  


These are the 4 skills that can be taught, observed, measured.

a. Rumbling with vulnerability
b. Living into our values
c. Braving trust
d. Learning to rise




Works Cited: The above is an adapted excerpt from the book, Dare To Lead By Brené Brown


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