We all know how toxic some relationships can be to our wellbeing. But holding onto grief and hurt can do a lot of damage to us and our relationships in the long term. Trauma makes us lonely. And in our loneliness, we do silly things. They are called leaky things. We become needy and desperate to be understood.




In our desire to be understood, we become other focused. We try too hard to read others to assess what they want. In that process, we give away too much of our power. We move away from who we truly are. We become people pleasers. But we forget that we cannot abandon ourselves to rescue others.




Here’s how you can identify the signs of disrespect in troublesome relationships. There’s a lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities. There’s a lot of blame game involved. The other party is either not responsive or overtly defensive. And you find yourself apologizing too much.




What we can do is take a step back from all the toxicity and assess who you truly are as a person, what your values are and what you are looking for in any relationship. Start with self-care and handle anything and anyone without compromising your own dignity. At the end, only truth and care are the two things that will sustain relationships.


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The Bowen Family System Of Coping With Family Dynamics During Conflict


The Bowen Family Systems Theory, developed by Dr. Murray Bowen, talks about human behavior where the family is seen as an emotional unit. It describes how this social group operates with its complex interactions. The nature of a family is that each member is a part of the unit are connected to each other with intense emotions.

Dr. Bowen proposed that we all function as a dynamics of family unit and not as individuals when dealing with our emotions and anxieties.

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The Most Difficult Thing Is Sometimes The Best Thing. Let Go. 


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