Mental health is a very serious matter. Nearly one in five U.S. adults have a mental illness (52.9 million in 2020). Learning the right words to say can empower peers, professors, friends, and family members to support college students living with mental health conditions.

BestColleges.com curated a mental health resource. Our resource covers how to talk about mental health and what to say to students who may be struggling. We’ve also paired our mental health hub, which is filled with an excellent resources.

At BestColleges we believe that dream jobs start with dream schools, which is why we provide students with direct connections to schools and programs suited to their educational goals. As a trusted education advisor, we also host free college planning, financial aid, and career resources to help all students get the most from their education and prepare for life after college.




Review these important links below:

1. How to Talk About Mental Health: What to Say to Students Who May Be Struggling:


2. Speak Out: A New Era of Student Mental Health Equity and Support:





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Complete List Of Mental Health Hotlines: 

Click HERE


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