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Have you ever considered designing an in-home martial arts studio? Perhaps your kids have always been passionate about martial arts, or maybe you’re just brainstorming ways to help members of your family live a healthier lifestyle by incorporating regular exercise. If you’re interested in setting up your own martial arts studio, you’ll be relieved to find out that it’s easier than you might have assumed. Below is a guide from FutureSTRONG Academy that will help get you started!



Selecting Your Space: 


Concerned that you don’t really have the space in your home for a martial arts studio? It might be time to think about renovating your basement, garage, or attic.


  • You can set up a home studio in your basement.
  • Budget at least $6,000 for a garage conversion.
  • Creating a studio space also has the added benefit of adding to your home’s value, as such upgrades often boost a property’s appraisal.
  • Think about best practices for cleaning out an attic if you need to go that route.
  • If you want to add a fan, a ballpark range for a ceiling install cost is about $250.
  • Set up a TV and connect your laptop to facilitate online classes.



Equipment Guidance: 


Once you’ve cleaned up your designated space, you’ll need to stock up on the right equipment. These guides will help you spend your money wisely.




Keep It Clean: 


A home martial arts studio can become a breeding ground for germs without regular cleaning and maintenance. Here’s how to keep your studio looking and feeling fresh.


  • Follow proper protocol for home gym sanitation.
  • Utilize all-natural DIY cleaners for your home gym/martial arts studio to avoid germs.
  • Make sure your new workout gear stays fresh.


If your children love martial arts, having an in-home studio can be a game-changer. Making sure you and your family can work out at home will guarantee that everyone stays fit, healthy, and skilled with their training.




FutureSTRONG Academy believes that every child has potential. They just want to be told so by loving and caring adults. Call 678.310.5025.

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