The Practice Of Self-Care Routine: 


Adults practice self-care to help them deal with the stress of daily life in a healthy and fulfilling way. Learning to regulate emotions in this way is an important life skill for kids to learn, and as the parent, you are responsible for helping your children develop a self-care routine that works for their individual needs. These six ideas from FutureSTRONG Academy can help you model a healthy self-care routine that will allow your kids to refresh their minds.



Establish a Routine: 


Creating a schedule or routine is a great way to make sure that everyone in the family knows what to expect each day. A good example is having a consistent bedtime routine. Your kids won’t be able to create a routine that includes self-care on their own, so it’s important for you to model ways to reduce stress each day. Ending each day with a bubble bath or taking a few minutes to work on your hobbies are good ways to show kids how to build time for self-care into a routine, but you also need to show them ways to adapt your routine to minimize stress.



Care For Your Body: 


Caring for your body has physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Instead of focusing on how your body looks, show your kids how taking good care of your body makes you feel. There are many small habits involved in caring for your body, including:



Self Care Meme



Listen To Music: 


Play music for a few minutes each day. You can relax while you listen and appreciate the lyrics, or you can have a dance party to burn off stress and extra energy. Show your kids that it’s okay to be silly and dance when you’re feeling sad if you need a quick pick-me-up.



Get Some Fresh Air: 


Get outside whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. Whether you take a walk around your neighborhood or move your workspace outside for the day, a chance of scenery and some fresh air can instantly improve your mindset. Modeling this behavior shows your kids that fresh air is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and renewed mind.



Practice Daily Affirmations: 


Prove to your children that what they believe about themselves is more important than what other people say about them. Start each day by listing three positive aspects about yourself. Ask your kids to join in by naming good attributes they have. Whenever you see that your children are starting to get overwhelmed, ask them to recite their affirmations to remind them of what they have to offer the world.



Learn Something New: 


Whether you’re watching a fun documentary or taking chess lessons from FutureSTRONG Academy, learning something new is a great way to spark our creativity. Whether you prefer to write, draw or paint, getting creative allows you to express your emotions in a healthy way so you can face the next day with a renewed mind. Encourage your kids to find an artistic outlet they enjoy so they can take time with a hobby when they need some self-care.

Life can feel as overwhelming to kids as it does for you. It’s important to show your kids to build time for self-care into their routines so they can have a refreshed mentality. Get started by using these ideas to build a kid-friendly self-care routine.




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