Qualities Of A Social Classroom:


A class room becomes a fertile ground for personal growth in addition to professional growth when you incorporate the following elements:


a. Children must be cared for to make sure the cultural and emotional baggage they bring to the classroom is addressed in a caring and compassionate way.
b. Coaches don’t explain the concept directly, but give the children opportunities to learn and interpret through problem solving.
c. Team vs. individual contributions are important for the learning objectives to be met.
d. How and why of what children learn is just as important as what they learn.
e. The curriculum incorporates creativity, collaboration, adaptability and navigating social situations in addition to academic milestones.
f. Parents are involved throughout the process and made to understand that we’re all stakeholders in the child’s wellbeing.



A Student Centered Classroom Ensures Quality Curriculum Where:


  • Students ask more questions
  • Engagement and Curiosity is encouraged
  • Students take ownership of their own learning
  • Forge relationships with peers
  • Students build self-efficacy
  • Understand real world applications of what they’re learning


Students Are Not Adults



Imparting Social Skills In The Classroom:


Lessons stick in the minds of children when 5 important teaching elements are met.


1. They are taught the lessons
2. The lessons are modeled
3. Children get a chance to roleplay the skills
4. They get real time feedback on how they’re doing
5. Having a chance to use the skills as much as possible during the course of the day.



3 Things Students Want From Teachers:


A student centric program must offer parents and caregivers the assurance that the qualities of guidance, leadership, and the positive influence will be at the highest. After there are 3 things every child desires from a teacher.


1. For them to enjoy their job
2. Get excited about what they’re teaching
3. And support and love children for who they are


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