Beholding Our Truth:


We live in a world of fake news. Someone’s breaking news, can be another person’s subjective opinion, or so it seems. There’s a lack of objectivity and balance in presenting facts these days. Be it personal or political news, we are more interested in taking aim at others’ characters and convictions than finding out the actual series of events as they have unfolded.

Add to that, our cognitive biases don’t help. We color everything that has happened to us and others through a filter of our own past personal narratives. We live our life through a series of preconceived beliefs because we have always “known” them to be true.

Our religious and political beliefs are some best examples of those stereotypical notions we hold to be true. One very good example of our collective cognitive bias is that marijuana is dangerous and deadly when in fact alcohol is infinitely worse for our body and our driving ability.


Freedom Meme



Values Or Valuables:


Our goals and aspirations are deeply rooted in our values. Values are how we conceive our ideals – whether inherent or adopted from others we see as heroes in society. Values help us decide which path to follow.

Values motivate us to seek our truth. When values are intrinsic, they promote a deep sense of wellbeing for ourselves and others. They help us fulfil the three deep needs that we have as humans. Need for personal growth, connection and contribution to the greater good.

Then, there’s the pursuit of external values like image, status and money that we deeply crave. It’s born out of our need for recognition and rewards.


The truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing. ~ The Vedas



A Life Well Lived:


The problem with truth and knowledge are they are not tangible. Whereas, wealth and prosperity are easily perceived. That’s why we put a higher premium on these tangible things than the ultimate truth that truly matters.

When we are dishonest with ourselves, we live a life of compromise. We lose our dignity because we no longer live up to our moral convictions. Our life spirals out of control because we stop being vigilant about our principles and our inherent wisdom. One day, we become so far away from our personal truth, that we no longer recognize ourselves.

Truth in turn is what governs our inner world of mind and intellect. It drives our desires, behaviors and ultimately our actions. The same truth can be updated based on our present experiences and newly gained wisdom as we live life.



Actions Of A Free Man:


We can train as much and as long as we want, but unless we test it in real life, we are not turning our learning into action. When our training and testing coincide, we’re living our truth.

Our truth now is our truth for now, not our past or our future. There’s something inherently breathtaking to watch someone who’s living their truth. In standing up for what they believe in even if it’s not the popular thing to do.

When our thoughts, words and our actions align, we bring about peace around us and begin to live in a “No conflict” zone.



Three Parts Of The Whole Truth:


Truth is a combination of our wholesome self-awareness, our compassion and the unwavering integrity it takes to get things done.

First, know yourself truly. Become self-aware to find yourself. Of course, sometimes you can become so self-aware that you become your biggest critic, because you’re also aware of your weaknesses along with your strengths. The point is don’t tweak yourself to suit the expectation of the crowd you’re around.

Our compassion towards ourselves and others helps us to pick up and move on everytime we face a setback.

Integrity is that trait that establishes coherence between your words and your actual actions.


There are three moral codes of behavior according to Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism). At the physical level, it is self-control (Brahmacharya), at the emotional level it is non-injury (Ahimsa), and at an intellectual level it is truthfulness (Satyam).



Uphold The Truth:


Here’s the bottom line. Put your honor where your mouth is. When you give your word, keep it. Do the work. Get your hands dirty to stay true to your cause.

And remember, truth is not truth until its told. And there are consequences for saying it.


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