Steps To Tech Harmony:


1. At the very basic, you will need tech free times and zones in your house. That will make you feel empowered and feel like you’re in charge of your life.
2. Next educate yourself and your children on the drawbacks of too much tech time on mission critical priorities you have elsewhere.
3. Choose your entertainment well. Make sure you don’t get into any cat video rabbit holes, they will suck atleast 4 hours of your time LOL.
4. Create fun family tech times around the evening where you can all share and watch online content with each other.
5. Rather than consume what is out there which will take us 650000 years to finish, how about we unleash our own creativity and imagination?
6. Practice what you preach about digital minimalization. Your children are always watching your lead.
7. Messages are almost always someone else’s agenda for you. So time box them and don’t read them twice. Only get to them when you can reply.
8. For emails, create windows of fixed intervals throughout the day to check. Set expectations with friends and coworkers about what to expect.

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Winning Your Teen’s Screen Time Addictions: 


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