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Welcome to the World of Virtual Game Design and Robotics

Learning a Machine language is just as important as learning any other language! 

The Future Is Here, Become A Part Of It!

Roblox Game Design: Grades 4 – 7

Why Play Games When You Can Create them! 

Use the power of Roblox Game Studio to create amazing Obbys! 

Students will have super fun using their gaming skills to flip the switch on playing to creating their own irresistible games. Create and share! 

Open Your Mind, Grow Your Brain!

1. Children take ownership of their own learning. They will receive weekly emails for labs and homework.
2. Children feel empowered to create and share and not just consume what’s out there.

Build Your Potential. BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!

FREE Coding & Gaming Resources: 

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Want To Find Out More About Our Classes? 

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