Things That Rob Our Freedom:


Every living being craves freedom and the dignity that comes with it. So, it’s no surprise, refugees around the world travel thousands of miles each year to unknown destinations in pursuit of freedom. They’re even willing to risk their lives to escape conflict, misery and trauma. They leave their livelihoods and homes to live free.

For those of us who are lucky enough to live in more stable parts of the world, there are other ways we seek peace and harmony. But sometimes, we get consumed in hate, ambivalence and jealousy towards others who, according our perceptions, have better lives than us.

And this self-inflicted misery that we bring upon ourselves is unnecessary and debilitating to our own lives. It’s time to shed our baggage, let go off a few things, and swim calmly back to the present moment.



How We Value Our Time:


It’s surprising how we humans live our lives, as if we are going to live forever. We value our possessions more than our relationships. We burden ourselves with victim mindset, even our mothers don’t owe us anything, then how can we expect others to deliver to our desires and whims?

We have so many expectations but so few duties towards our loved ones, our nation, and our environment.




Physical Vs. Mental Clutter:


We all collect physical and mental clutter, day after day, week after week filling up our garages and our brains. We hold things for sentimental value and sad thoughts because we can’t let go.

For any physical clutter around your home or office, think of how to organize it in phases. There are always three categories of things, the ones to be trashed, donated or sold. Of course, the best thing is to not buy more than what is required.

Even in our heads, we’re cluttering our thoughts. Chaos, self-doubt, regret and over-thinking can disrupt peace.

Mental clutter happens because of decision fatigue as well. It’s important to make decisions quickly and smartly considering all available parameters. Avoid the scarcity trap and the worry that things might not work out in the future. Let go off baggage, physical, emotional, regrets that don’t allow to rise to full potential.

At the Original State: There are only two ways to interpret life. Information and Emotion. Usually we don’t look at circumstances objectively. We amplify what has happened to us through our mental filters of ego, frustrations and desires. “How dare he did this to me?” “Why did she not reply to my message yet?” All these misunderstandings arise in our minds, when we don’t consider the other person’s limitations or personal obligations.




When I let go of what I am I become what I might be. ~ Lao Tzu.



How To Handle Energy Vampires:


Sometimes, the most difficult and longest winding road to your destination might not lead you there. Sometimes, some tasks are better left undone because the pursuit of their completion will not yield the ideal outcome you desire.

It’s the same thing in our lives, while some people are positive forces, some can turn out to be massive negative road blocks. They are called energy vampires and take away all our emotional resources.

In all these cases, you do one thing –
You cut your losses, let these go and move on.



The Practice Of Non Judgement Towards Everything:


We typically understand what has happened as the absolute nature of reality itself and want to protect it at all costs. As a result, we can’t let go of our suffering. We keep watering that seed of pain and can’t seem to let go off the drama.

Becoming a truly unbiased person starts with forgiving and not judging ourselves. It is necessary to prime our mind with these three important thoughts.

1. Belief in yourself.
2. Belief in power of positivity.
3. Radical forgiveness. Letting go of judgement towards yourself and others.



Surrendering And Shedding:


We all have a proclivity to equate more choices to freedom and autonomy. But what if an abundance of choices makes our life complicated and leads to indecision?

Did you know physical clutter actually weighs your brain down? Remember, we have a choice to pick clarity over clutter. Giving up can only mean more time and more freedom. And, why can’t we just be happy, in the awareness of gratitude for life that has brought us here?

Ask yourself, do you want to gather goodness or goods? Life is too short to have things around you that you don’t like. It’s time to surround yourself with people and things that truly matter.

Sometimes letting go, also means not doing much. Because there are moments in our lives that don’t need any fixing, changing or improving. And we are free of baggage, we have time to recapture those moments and reclaim the calm in our lives.

In the end, our ultimate goal of freedom, peace and equanimity must be uncompromisingly simple. Anything that threatens to shatter is must be let go.



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