Our Coaching Philosophy:


At FutureSTRONG Academy, we believe that everyone of us has unlimited potential. Our mantras, yes we have many, are Personal Accountability and Development, Empathetic Relationship Management, Progress not Perfection, and Intentional instead of an Auto-pilot living.



Our Goals For Adults:


When we’re sifting through our Past, Present and Future, we must do the following to reframe our reality and super charge our potential.

1. PAST: Changing the narrative
2. PRESENT: Mindset management
3. FUTURE: Increasing emotional intelligence



How To Shift Gears In Each Timeline:




How not to self-sabotage:

Watch out for negative emotions and actions like Judgement, Anxiety, Fear, Regret, Stress, Shame, Expectations, Perfection, Self-doubt, Bias, Vices, careless time management etc and so much more.




Manage Your Different Mindsets:

Understand the power of these unstoppable mindsets like Growth, Fixed, Scarcity, Victim, Positive, Flexible, Gratitude etc and so much more.




Thrive to get better at our Emotional Intelligence goals:

• Identify our roles and responsibilities
• Responding to stress productively
• Defusing negative and irrational emotions
• Understanding emotions enough to use them as motivators not destructors
• Using our emotional temperature to make smart decisions
• Developing a strong sense of self
• Reaching out for help
• Changing your reactions to tough situations and challenges
• Getting back up after failure
• Connection and Collaboration with anyone
• Persuading and influencing as a leader



* * *


The A to Z Of Life Skills

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