Lookout Drills That Have Become Common: 


“Read this until it sinks in: “I heard a gunshot,” said Makai Dixon, 8, a second grader who had been training for this moment, with active shooter drills and lockdowns, since he was in kindergarten.”

This is what I read a few days ago. Below is the state of affairs – some laughable, some deplorable, and some truly appalling as far as Gun Control is concerned here in the US.

Here are a few snapshots of what parents and counties are doing around Georgia.




Wayne LaPierre At The NRA Convention: 



We spoke directly to Wayne LaPierre at the NRA Convention and thanked him for all his thoughts and prayers. #stunt #prank #tglnyc #texas #guncontrol

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A Mother’s Reckoning: 


Her son’s last words to her were “Bye” and in the last 20 years many strangers have asked her questions like, “How could you not know?” “What kind of a mother were you?”

Susan Klebold has lived 20 years as the mother of a Columbine high school shooter. Since the tragedy, she’s been an advocate of mental health and violence awareness and intervention.

If your child was having a physical emergency, how many precious minutes will you wait before you called 911 or rushed him to the hospital? Statistics say, parents who have an inkling that something’s wrong with their child wait for almost 2 to 3 years before seeking professional help for their child’s mental health problems.

This book is a dialogue that’s mostly one sided because of the nature of the circumstance and something she could express from within the safety of a book. “I can only say here that if speaking with or meeting me would be helpful to any of the family members of Dylan and Eric’s victims, I will always be available to them.”

Read Sue’s book to understand how difficult the task of parenting really is. That inspite of our best efforts, inspite of our care and nurture, our children can be hiding their unhappiness, their depression and their intentions from us.



Steve Kerr – Basketball Questions Don’t Matter: 





It Could Happen Here: 




Common Sense Gun Control Laws Are Needed: 




Notes On Uvalde, Texas Shooting: 




Petition For Gun Reforms: 










Gun Violence And Mental Health Resources: 


TXT 4 HELP – National Safe Place: TXT 4 HELP is a free service offered to all youth in crisis. Text4Help is available 24/7 365 for school students.
On your mobile, type: Text4Help


Text 1-844-201-9946 to be connected to a mental health professional.


Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers:


Find out other Mental Health Resources HERE.


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