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Why Chess at J.A.C.? 

Dear Parents,
We’re passionate about teaching children the best strategy game of life. Our mission is to help children fall in love with Chess, the timeless game of conquer, just like we did.

Our Patented Chess Curriculum from Beginners to Advanced levels is 6 tiered. Our lessons are designed keeping children and their attention spans in mind. That’s why Class instruction time includes fast paced 1-minute Blitz Challenges, Puzzles and hands-on Skill Demonstration Assessments.

ATTN: High Schoolers:

FREE & PAID Internships available! Ask us how at 678.310.5025!

Program Policies: 

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Free Child Discovery Assessment:

We give a free assessment to all children to determine the course of action for each one of them. However, there’s no obligation to sign up to classes.
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CHESS Registration & Fees:

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Free Resources for Chess Players

Open Your Mind, Grow Your Brain!

Hey kids, welcome! Check out these FREE Chess resources!

Practice Tactics And Strategy: 




Ask Questions To Grow Your Skills: 


  • What are the different types of Draws?
  • How many openings are possible?
  • What is the maximum USCF rating that one can achieve?
  • How many tactics do you know? Can you name them?



Read Biographies And Watch Legends Like: 


  • Joseph Henry Blackburne
  • Bobby Fischer
  • Viswanathan Anand
  • Josh Waitzkin



I Would Like To Be Vishy: 


Dream To Be Vishy Anand




Buy Big Chess Pieces Here:



Chess Movies To Watch: 


  • Queen of Katwe
  • Searching for Bobby Fischer


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Scholar's Mate in Chess

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1st-3rd grade: The Curious Child

4th-5th grade: The Balanced Child

6th-12th: The Good Citizen

Adults and Parents

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