Andrew Huberman, of the Huberman podcast, is pretty dope. I’ve watched a video of his, about our nervous system regulation, which is a must see for all of us screen suckers.

Here’s the gist.




As digital world natives, our daily life depends on how much we screen stare to either keep in touch with our loved ones or respond to our boss’ emails in a timely manner. That screen time requires us to be converging our eyes onto a very small surface area for the most part of the day.

That convergence, which mimics hyper vigilance, forces our system to generate a stress response. Because this kind of focus can only mean we want to concentrate at something important. Turns out, animals also have this enhanced focused vision for being extra vigilant about their surroundings.

Consider this for a minute. Our ancestors had to run from wild animals and protect themselves from unforeseen danger, so this system, literally, was meant to save them from life or death situations.

But, how wild are our surroundings now? Just how hyper vigilant do we really have to be?

And, just as our lives have gotten tamer, we’re also increasingly using a behavior that indicates to our system that we’re stressed. At the same time we’re losing our appreciation for a panoramic view that’s always in front of us – only if we lift our heads up to see it.

In reality, our life was designed to have vast periods of us living with a panoramic view of life with small pockets of hyper vigilant moments to protect ourselves from danger. Today, sadly, we’ve completely switched up this equation.







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