What Children Teach Us:


We all want our children to succeed, but we don’t seem to know where to start. With a little bit of patience, positive mentorship and practice guidance, we can elevate their potential many fold. When we show our children that we’re willing to believe in them, it motivates them to learn and live up to their full potential.

But, as anxious parents who want to do everything right in order to enable our children, we do a little too much in the name of providing for them. But observe any child, and they can give us lessons on parenting. They are completely present in the moment, reflective and seizing the opportunity at hand. They are intrinsically motivated to pursue putting a toy together or taking it apart and not do it so others would like or follow them on social media.



What Do Minimalist Parents Do?


Minimalist parents love their children for who they are and not for what they might be capable of. They focus on responsibilities, not results. They understand that when parents fear for their child’s future and don’t trust that their child has got what it takes to be successful, the child can pick up on these anxieties.

Minimalist parents do less, because they understand that doing less is more for their child’s wellbeing. They don’t rescue their kids unless it’s an issue of life and death. By reinventing themselves constantly, they show their children that if they haven’t failed at anything, they haven’t learnt anything new.

Minimalist parents live the life they want their kids to live. They understand self-care, they bring clarity and focus into what matters to them truly. Their environment, connections and their goals show what their priorities are to their children. In short, these parents live their truth.



How To Become A Minimalist Parent:


First identify what your own truth is as an adult. Do you have a set of your own personal values? Not values you’ve inherited from your parents or the community. But, ideals and ethics you’ve established for yourself as your strengthened your own moral compass in life.

You cannot teach them how to manage managing deadlines, expectations, and obligations. But you can show them how a well lived life looks like by taking care of your own time and priorities. You can’t put a book in their hands, but you can show them how engaging and fun the relentless pursuit of timeless knowledge is.

Most of us often focus and have around ourselves all the things that we don’t want and that’s the major source for frustration. Clear out your life and space to have a much better, calmer and more empowering internal state of mind!

In the end, what matters? Our children don’t want anything substantial from us. They just want our attention. And if you’ve got a teen, give them time not advice. And here’s why only our presence counts. Read more HERE.

Here’s the ultimate truth. I can’t go on a date with them, but all their lives leading upto that point, I can teach them to behave in a way they deserve to be treated well.




“Children are not the people of tomorrow. But, they’re the people of today.” – Janusz Korczak, Author Of How to love a child


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