The problem with us is that we long for success in whatever we set our minds to, but we don’t necessary have the parameters on what will ultimately constitute that success. Primarily, our overwhelm comes from our belief that we must be into our work with an “all or nothing” approach.

This is false idea that gives us anxiety that we must be into anything we do with everything we’ve got or it doesn’t mean anything. But, here’s the time to lower our standards with ourselves. Progress can’t happen if we are stuck with judging ourselves for lack of perfection in our thoughts, beliefs and actions.




Every little bit of action helps with inching towards our goals. And that is called the compound effect. It is day after day, we being consistent in performing one small task of the Herculean goal we are aiming for.

Also, let’s talk about goals in the context. When we’re setting ourselves with goals, we must think big picture, strategic goals. The ones that give us more satisfaction when worked on with endurance and perseverance. Think the legacy you will leave behind, while also keeping in mind if you’re driven with passion and purpose while working on those meaningful tasks.




In the end, what is success? It is nothing but we living to our fullest potential by combining forces with all our strengths to make a positive dent in this world. Success is actually the world finally finding out our true potential, long after we knew that about ourselves.

Does that mean our passion is enough to guide us and we won’t face any problems? Absolutely not. In fact, when faced with hurdles, we must allow them to be our lamp posts to help us avoid the same pitfalls in our journey forward.

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