What Makes A Story Compelling?


If you’re a story teller or aspire to be one, remember this. The main reason why stories become classics are because they put a true mirror to the life of a given time period. Great stories are relevant and universal. They show how and why life changes for most of us.

Compelling stories showcase the vulnerability of humans and the fragility of life. They also have these four qualities. Brevity, Honesty, Humor and Courage. These stories must grab you while reading, haunt you after reading and change you forever.



Story Flow Of A Compelling Story:


• Life is in balance, nothing new or eventful.
• Inciting incident: Life goes out of balance.
• To restore balance, the hero’s subjective expectations crash into an cruel objective reality. This is the fundamental conflict.
• Call on the protagonist to work harder with less resources, make difficult decisions, take action despite overwhelming risks, and ultimately prevail or fade.

Inciting Incident –> Pole 1: Hero Acquires Burning, Life and Death Intention –> Obstacles –> Compelling Page Turning: Overcoming Obstacles Drama To Reveal Success Or Failure –> Pole 2: Success Or Failure Tension



Kinds Of Ironies in Stories:


In this type of irony, the audience knows more about the immediate or future circumstances than the characters themselves. Ex: A character is going to meet a person that the audience already knows is dead.

The most used form of irony, the irony of situation happens when there’s a discrepancy between the result the character expects to the actual outcome.



Words Of A Compelling Story:


• Start With The Setting
• Few words as first sentence, but packed with info.
• Parachute it. Start the story from the middle.
• Show, Don’t Tell. Example: Hairs on the back of my neck stood up.
• Paint A Picture



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