Life Before SSR:


For years now, we’ve watched and solved many mysteries on the silver screen. In fact, we can’t even remember doing anything else with our spare time. We worshipped our actors and lip-synced to our favorite Bollywood songs.

That’s our coming of age story for most of us Indians. Most of us are unremarkable that way. And then there are some like Sushant Singh Rajput who live a spectacular life in just 34 years of his existence.

Actually, that’s the biggest mystery haunting us now. How can a healthy, generous and extraordinary visionary from the Bollywood fraternity suddenly die, and no one really seems to bother about it?

That and so many other persistent questions have nagged us for the past 2 years since his sudden death. And, so we started asking questions, tweeting relentlessly and getting onto the ground to march for Justice. There’s one persistent question in all this. “Who killed Sushant?”



Who Is An SSRian? 





Thought Is Democratic, Exercise It:


Imagine a world without questions. What if we were only given commands, assurances and information to live? And that meant we did not have our two basic rights – Our freedom of speech in life and our right to a dignified death.

Now, think of Sushant Singh Rajput. The name that evokes a tsunami of emotions and an avalanche of questions. Some questions are too hard to ask. Some make us very uncomfortable. But almost all of them are too important to ignore. Our questions have helped us re-assess our undying and blind adulation of Bollywood. Seeking answers has helped us see the bitter reality of the entertainment industry.

Sushant’s death has left a gaping wound in our hearts – the amazing part, most of us have never met him and had never heard of him until the day he died. In the end, if our journey involves sacrifice and struggle, we’re ready for it. Because we know that our fundamental right to justice is not guaranteed. It is only as strong as our willingness to fight for it, guard it and never take it for granted.

But it takes courage and unity to persist. And we want your help. Please help us strive harder and roar louder. Lend your voice to this campaign and embolden our collective spirit. Come, join us!

If not us, who? If not now, when?


* * *


The Fight For Justice


Capturing the radiant essence of Sushant Singh Rajput, his towering legacy, and our unbreakable connection with him in a few words is difficult. But, in our pursuit of justice for his brilliant soul, we are already redefining what’s possible.

After all, our “Dear Photon” was that bundle of energy who showed us how to contemplate deeply, seek change and inspire action in others.

He was on his way to sending 100 kids for workshops in ISRO/NASA (Dream 13/50), was helping train more and more women in self-defense (Dream 33/50), and was pursuing his passion to be an ambidextrous archer (Dream 37/50).

There was so much more he was aspiring for our future and actively working towards until the day he was murdered.

Join us as we shatter past narratives and move towards a collective future that our Sushant had dreamt for us. We’re all living our lives now, but isn’t it time we live our dreams?!

If you’re like us, we need your help to make the resounding roar of justice louder! Words are encouraging, but actions are empowering! Are you with us?





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సుశాంత్ సింగ్ రాజ్ పుట్. Dreamer, Philanthropist and Visionary. A Long Form Bio In Telugu.

సుశాంత్ సింగ్ రాజ్ పుట్. Dreamer, Philanthropist and Visionary. A Long Form Bio In Telugu.

*   ఇటీవల ముంబైలో మరణించిన బాలీవుడ్ హీరో సుశాంత్ సింగ్ పేరు ఇప్పుడు ప్రపంచమంతా మారుమోగుతోంది. అతని ఆకస్మిక మరణం ప్రపంచం మొత్తాన్ని విషాదంలో ముంచేసింది. అంతకంటే ముందు దిగ్బ్రాంతిని కలిగించింది. అతని మరణం వెనుక ఉన్న కారణం తెలియక గత ఆరునెలలుగా మనసున్న ఎందరో తమ తమ...

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