Our Attention Under Attack: 


How the world is right now and what is happening to us as a result:


1. We are making more decisions than ever.
2. Our attention is under unprecedented attack.
3. We are suffering from a personal energy crisis.

With today’s technology-enabled unstoppable flow of everything coming at us, we can often feel so worn out and tired that we face our own personal energy crisis. We can’t muster the mental energy to think clearly and, in a knowledge-work world, that is a problem.



From Mediocre To Extraordinary: 


Our premise is that everyone has the capability to do extraordinary work. Everyone has the potential to go to bed at the end of the day feeling satisfied and accomplished. We’re just getting caught up in all the content we want to screen suck out of the internet.

But, if we want to be extraordinary, and become worthy of likes and views, here are three areas we must need to increase our capabilities:


  1. Decision management
  2. Attention management
  3. Energy management




In The Real World, Regrets Abound: 


Feel like someone wronged you? Feel like you could take back words you spoke? There are so many regrets we experience in our daily life, but what good will it do if we continue to ruminate on these things. We can’t have a retake on life anyway. What has passed has passed. Forgive and forget, and move on. It’s a self-preservation technique.

At the end of the day, life is a matter of interpretation. You can’t deny the things that happen to you, especially the ones over which you have no control over. So, learn from your experiences, and understand that you’re stronger because of what has happened to you, and not worse of. After all, having a great perspective is a self-preservation technique.

Read more HERE.



How To Self Preserve Like A Boss:


1. Become intentional about your daily life. Don’t let others take you away from your priorities.
2. Reduce the reaction time of your responses. Whatever the situation, good or bad, quickly calibrate it, arrive at a decision one way or the other and move on.
3. Remember your mortality. However ominous or brooding this sounds, we are not going to be here forever. But, we act like we will. That’s the problem, don’t postpone your audacious plans and bold dreams for tomorrow.
4. Eat the frog. Really read about what we mean HERE. Once you do that, everything else will be a piece of cake. Read more about it HERE.
5. Schedule tech free times, down time on your calendar. Create an environment that doesn’t encourage multitasking and distraction addictions. Don’t check messages until you know you have time to respond.
6. Give yourself brownie points. By that we mean, relax and restore yourself so you are reenergized between important tasks and meetings. Don’t let your family be the victim of your burnout at the end a long day.



* * *


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