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For Teachers And Educators:  


📌 Advertise Your Online Classes And Camps:

📌 Detect OpenAI Text Plagiarism:

📌 Advertise Your Online Classes And Camps:

📌 Gamify Learning: Breakout EDU Makes It Easy To Facilitate Collaboration:

📌 Critical Thinking Resource:

📌 Innovative Ideas To Improve Teaching & Learning:

📌 Enable Student Success:

📌 GaPSC: Steps to Become a Georgia Teacher:

📌 Future of Education and Skills 2030:

📌 Be An Expert And Teach In India:

📌 Free Digital Lessons For Life:

📌 Workspace Collaboration For Students, Teachers And Professionals:

📌 Schoology: Learning Management System | LMS:

📌 Turn the Internet into an Interactive Learning Experience:

📌 Kahoot! | Learning games | Make learning awesome!:

📌 TweenTribune By Smithsonian, A Free K-12 Resource for Teachers:

📌 An Efficient Way to Monitor and Evaluate:

📌 Quizlet: Free Learning Tools & Flashcards:

📌 Encourage Kids To Think, Design, & Create:

📌 Record Step-by-Step Tutorials:

📌 Upload Recordings Of Lessons And Tutorials:
Create a Playlist at

📌 Connect With Your Students Through Video:

📌 A Gamified Student Engagement Platform:



FREE Guide to Financial Assistance for Future Teachers:


This guide tailored for the future teacher community that presents important information about:

  • Financial aid basics, such as a FAFSA overview
  • The TEACH Grant information and other ways to pay for college
  • Loan forgiveness programs
  • An outline of additional funding options for teaching and education students

Find it HERE.


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1st-3rd grade: The Curious Child

4th-5th grade: The Balanced Child

6th-12th: The Good Citizen

Adults and Parents

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